General Knowledge Quiz – Set Fifty Two

1. Corals are basically
a) unicellular
b) Multicellular
c) Oceanic plants
d) Animals

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Answer d) Animals

2. Corals are known to be protected by crabs. Whether true or false
a) True
b) False

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Answer a) true

3. Does Plant types have affect the character of the soil? State True or False
a) True
b) False

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Answer b) False

4. The evolution of two interacting species in a community is _______
a) Coevolution
b) Allopatric Speciation
c) Population Density
d) None

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Answer a) Coevolution

5. A lake which is rich in both nutrients and species is known as ______
a) dystrophic
b) oligotrophic
c) eutrophic
d) ectotrophic

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Answer c) Eutrophic

6. When two organisms effort to exploit the same resource, conditions results into
a) Competition
b) mutualism
c) Communalism
d) Exploitation

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Answer a) competition

7. Struggling over common resources is called ______
a) Predation
b) Interference competition
c) Communalism
d) Exploitive competition

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Answer b) Interference Competition

8. Interspecific competition has been demonstrated experimentally in
a) Flour bettles
b) Paramecia
c) Rodents
d) Drosophila

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Answer a) Flour bettles

9. Which of the following is an example of a plant morphological defense?
a) Beltian Bodies
b) Mustard Oils
c) Silica
d) All of the above

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Answer c) silica

10. Milkweeds contains
a) Stipules
b) Cardiac Glycosides
c) Anti-oxidants
d) None

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Answer a) stipules

11. Removal of a _____ from a community affects community structure significantly
a) Niche
b) Predators
c) Competition
d) Keystone Species

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Answer d) keystones species

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