General Knowledge Quiz – Set Eighty Five

G K Quiz

1. The Science The study of nucleus is
a) Karyology
b) Nucleology
c) Cytology
d) None

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Answer a) Karyology

2. Father of Biology is
a) Lamark
b) Linnaneus
c) Darwin
d) Aristotle

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Answer c) Darwin

3. The term Biology was coined by
a) Lamark
b) Linaneus
c) Aristotle
d) Darwin

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Answer a) Lamark

4. The edible part of coconut is
a) Thalamus
b) Inflorescence
c) Endosperm
d) Mesocarp

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Answer c) Endosperm

5. Root hairs are
a) Unicellular
b) Multicellular
c) Acellular
d) None

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Answer a) Unicellular

6. Who discovered Penicillin?
a) Robert Hook
b) Robert Bbrown
c) Alexander Flemming
d) Alexander Cuming

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Answer c) Alexander Flemming

7. Artificial ripening of fruits can be done by
a) Nitrogen
b) Ethylene
c) Acetylene
d) Oxygen

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Answer b) Ethylene

8. Which of the following is a prokaryotic cell?
a) Spirogyra
b) Cladophora
c) Oscillatoria
d) Chlamydomonas

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Answer b) Cladophora acid 

9. During Hatch and Slack cycle the acceptor of CO2 is ________
a) Oxaloacteic acid
b) Aspartic acid
c) Phophoenol pyruvic acid
d) None

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Answer c) Phophoenol pyruvic acid 

10. Genetic code translate the language of ________
a) RNA into protein
b) RNA into DNA
c) Protein into DNA
d) Amino acid into RNA

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Answer d) Amino acid into RNA