General Knowledge Quiz – Set Eighty Four

1. Which is a natural colloid?
a) Sodium chloride
b) Urea
c) Blood
b) Cane sugar

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Answer c) blood

2. Ultraviolet rays can be used in water treatment as _____
a) Flocculator
b) Precipitator
c) Hydrolyser
d) Disinfectant

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Answer d) disinfectant

3. Natural rubber is a polymer of ______
a) Styrene
b) Vinyl acetate
c) Propene
d) Isoprene

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Answer d) isoprene

4. Gobar gas contains mainly
a) Butane
b) Carbon dioxide
c) Methane
d) Carbon monoxide

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Answer c) Methane

5. The pH of pure water is ______
a) 7
b) 14
c) 0
d) 1

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Answer a) 7

6. Plaster of Paris is made from
a) Limestone
b) Gypsum
c) Marble
d) Bauxite

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Answer b) gypsum

7. The science which deals with drugs is _______
a) Physiology
b) Odontology
c) Pharmacology
d) Chronology

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Answer c) Pharmacology

8. The gas used to extinguish fire is ________
a) Neon
b) Nitrogen
c) Carbon dioxide
d) Carbon monoxide

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Answer c) Carbon dioxide

9. Which of the following is used in making artificial sweetener saccharine?
a) Benzene
b) Toluene
c) Phenol
d) Aniline

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Answer b) Toluene

10. Brine refers to ________
a) Salt water
b) Sweet Water
c) Pure water
d) Starch water

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Answer a) Salt water