Rs 242 crore AMRUT plan to address water logging in 25 cities

Taking steps under AMRUT to tackle the problem of water logging, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Odisha and Mizoram propose to invest Rs 242 crore in construction of storm water drains for discharging flood waters in 25 cities in these states. The works would be undertaken under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) action plans for 2015-16.

The five states account for 82 Atal Mission cities.Other mission cities would be covered in subsequent years.

States that comes under AMRUT plan:-
  • Kerala:- Urban Development Ministry has proposed to spend Rs 105 cr (18 per cent of the total outlay of Rs 588 cr) on storm water drains in all the nine mission cities.
  • Madhya Pradesh:- Under the SAAP of MP for 2015-16 approved by the UD Ministry, construction of storm water drains will begin in 12 cities at a cost of Rs 36 cr.
  • Gujarat:- In Gujarat, storm water drain projects in Bhuj and Vadodara have been approved at a cost of Rs 39 cr.
  • Odisha:- Puri at an approved cost of Rs 15 cr during the current financial year.
  • Mizoram:- Rs 47 cr (64 per cent of total approved SAAP outlay of Rs 73 cr for 2015-16) will be spent on construction of storm water drains.

Under Atal Mission, construction of storm water drains has been prioritised after provision of basic infrastructure relating to water supply and sewerage connections. Central assistance to the extent of 50 per cent of project costs will be extended to cities with a population of below 10 lakhs each and one-third of project cost if the population is above ten lakhs. Many metro cities including Delhi, Mumbai and now Chennai have been faced with the problem of water logging following heavy rains.

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