Roelant Oltmans appointed as coach of Hockey India

High Performance Director Roelant Oltmans has been appointed as the Coach of the Indian hockey team, replacing Paul van Ass, who was unceremoniously sacked after a bitter spat with Hockey India president Narinder Batra. The 61-year-old Dutchman, who has been associated with Indian hockey for close to three years now, will be at the helm of affairs at least till next year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Facts About Hockey
  • Hockey was introduced in the Olympic Games for the first time in 1908 in London.
  • Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan.
  • The governing body of hockey is the International Hockey Federation (IHF). The headquarters is Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Australia is the current World Champion in Men’s Hockey.
  • Netherlands is the current World Champion in Women’s Hockey.
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What is the National Game of India?

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Friends.. The answer is not Hockey. There is no National Game in India. Hockey is just perceived as the national sport of India because of the dominance that India has had in it in the early 20th century. From 1928 to 1956, the Indian men’s team remained unbeaten in the  Olympics, winning six gold medals in a row. 

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