Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu Launches Three IT Initiatives

Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, the Railway Minister, has launched three IT initiatives developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) (the IT arm of Ministry of Railways). They are

  1. Paperless Unreserved Ticketing through Mobile Phone between New Delhi – Palwal Section (NR).
  2. Currency Coin cum Card operated Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (CCoTVM) at New Delhi Railway Station.
  3. Mobile Application for Freight Operations (PARICHAALAN).

The basic difference between Automatic Ticket Vending Machine installed upto now and newly introduced CCoTVM is that ATVM can issue tickets through smart cards while CCoTVM can issue tickets using Cash (notes & coins) and smart cards. It can also be used for recharging these smart cards.

  • CCoTVM is an unmanned self-operated kiosk.
  • It can be used by passengers themselves to buy unreserved tickets through Currency/Coins as well as smart cards.
  • These kiosks have easy graphical interface for ticket transaction so that the user can operate these machines.
  • The kiosk accepts currency/coin of all denominations of Rs 5 and above.
Paperless Ticketing
  • To move forward in line with Digital India, Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) has developed a paperless Unreserved Ticketing feature in Mobile Application “utsonmobile” both for Android and Windows platforms.
  • This will eliminate the need for printing of Unreserved Tickets on ATVMs at the stations. User can download ‘App’ from Google Play Store or Window Store.
  • Parichaalan is a mobile application conceptualized and developed by CRIS to make decision making on freight operations absolutely easy and user friendly.
  • The application is a powerful tool as it not only represents data in a pictorial and graphical manner that is easily comprehensible but also makes the information dynamic and current in nature.
  • Instead of focusing on post-mortems, Parichaalan moves operations management systems to a higher level of real time decision making.
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