Pankaj Advani wins World Billiards Championship for Record 26th Time


Through a spectacular recovery, Indian cueist Pankaj Advani was able to win the 26th IBSF World Billiards Championship title. In the final, he prevailed over fellow Indian player Sourav Kothari.

After falling by a score of 26-180 in the first hour, Advani came back to win with a score of 1000-416 in a replay of the title match that took place in Kuala Lumpur the previous year.

It was a match that highlighted Advani’s domination in the world of billiards, as it demonstrated his tenacity and his impressive skills.

Making a Comeback

After a spectacular change of events, Advani found himself in a position where he was trailing by a score of 26-180 in the first hour of the match against Sourav Kothari, who was the world champion in 2018.

On the other hand, Advani, demonstrating his signature ability to make a comeback, rebounded to defeat Kothari with a score of 1000-416, which was completely convincing.

A rematch of the title fight that took place in Kuala Lumpur the previous year, in which Advani once again established his superiority on the international scene, took place with this victory.

Crucial Moments

During the match, both players engaged in a struggle that went back and forth, with Kothari allowing Advani to recover and take control of the game.

The break that Advani made of 214, which was the highest of the match, turned out to be a turning point, as it made him appear to be invincible. Advani was able to seal the title thanks to his constant performance and a series of breaks, one of which was a vital unfinished break in 199.

Observations Made by Advani

When it comes to achieving success, Advani underlined the need to maintain consistency. He appreciated the countless hours of labor that had been devoted to respecting his abilities, both physically and mentally, and he suggested that his success could be attributed to his determination to bring world titles back to his homeland.

Prospective Obstacles Ahead

With little time to relax, Advani is planning to compete in the upcoming World Billiards Championship, which will include the short format, 150-up. Advani is expected to compete in this tournament.

Advani’s unrelenting pursuit of excellence exemplifies his commitment to his sport and his resolve to ensure that India continues to be a prominent player in the world of billiards.

Kothari’s Disenchantment

Second place According to Sourav Kothari, his defeat was due to exhaustion, and he cited a difficult quarterfinal match that lasted for about five hours.

In spite of the fact that he lost his early lead in the championship match, Kothari voiced hope about the possibility of making reparations in the forthcoming point-format championship.

Features from the Semifinals

In order to make it to the final, Kothari had to endure a challenging semifinal match against Dhruv Sitwala. He prevailed in this match with a score of 900-756, which was a very tight victory.

The performance that Advani displayed in the semifinals was as stunning, as he prevailed over Rupesh Shah with a commanding score of 900-273.

The Legacy of Advani

From the time he won his first world title in 2003 till the present day, Pankaj Advani has never stopped improving his game and achieving extraordinary levels of performance.

Advani’s history as a pioneer in the 3-ball game is firmly established, as evidenced by the fact that he won nine victories in the “long format,” eight victories in the “point format,” and a title in the World Team Billiards Championship.


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