Mountain Passes in India – A Complete List

What is a Mountain Pass?

Mountain Passes in India – A mountain pass is a route through a mountain range or over a ridge. If following the lowest possible route, a pass is locally the highest point on that route. Since many of the world’s mountain ranges have presented formidable barriers to travel, passes have been important since before recorded history, and have played a key role in trade, war, and migration. At lower elevations, it may be called a hill pass.

Mountain passes make use of a gap, col (also sometimes a notch, the low point in a ridge). On a topographic map, passes are characterized by contour lines, with an hourglass shape, which indicates a low spot between two higher points.

As well as offering relatively easy travel between valleys, passes also provide a route between two mountain tops with a minimum of descent. As a result, it is common for tracks to meet at a pass; this often makes them convenient routes even when travelling between a summit and the valley floor. Passes traditionally were places for trade routes, communications, cultural exchange, military expeditions etc. A typical example is the Brenner pass in the Alps.

Some mountain passes above the tree line have problems with snow drift in the winter. This might be alleviated by building the road a few meters above the ground, which will make snow blow off the road.

“The jewels of India”, a term that truly describes the Top 10 highest mountain peaks of India. These snow-capped mountains attract thousands of visitors from across the globe for various exploration and expedition projects. Since time immemorial the Himalayas have attracted millions of tourist because of its mountain peaks and snowy glaciers. The two major mountain ranges of North and North East India are the Karakoram Range and Himalayan Range. These two ranges are home to a few of India’s highest peaks which are also the part of the top 100 highest peaks of the world.

List of Mountain Passes in India

Name of the Pass Location of the Pass HEIGHT (ft) BETWEEN/SEPARATING
Asirgarh Madhya Pradesh
Auden’s Col Uttarakhand 17,552
Banihal Pass Jammu and Kashmir(Jammu, Kashmir) 9,291 Jammu & Kashmir
Bara-lacha-la Himachal Pradesh 16,400
Bomdila Arunachal Pradesh
Changla Pass Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh) 17,585 Leh & Changthang
Chanshal Pass Himachal Pradesh 14,830
Dehra Compass Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh)
Debsa Pass Himachal Pradesh 17,520
Dongkhala Sikkim 12,000
Dhumdhar Kandi Pass Uttarakhand
Fotu La Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh) 13,451
Goecha LA Sikkim 16,207
Haldighati Pass Rajasthan
Indrahar Pass Himachal Pradesh 14,473
Jelep La Sikkim 14,300
Khardung La Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh) 17,582 Leh & Nubra
Kongka Pass Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh) 16,965 Ladakh & Aksai Chin
Lanak Pass Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh) 17,933 Ladakh & Tibet
Kunzum Pass Himachal Pradesh (Lahaul & Spiti) 14,931 Lahaul & Spiti
Karakoram Pass Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh) Ladakh & Xinjiang
Lipulekh Pass Uttarakhand 17,500
Lungalacha La Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh) 16,600
Lamkhaga Pass Himachal Pradesh 17,336
Marsimik La Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh) 18,314
Mayali Pass Uttarakhand 16,371
Nama Pass Uttarakhand 18,399
Namika La Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh) 12,139
Nathu La Sikkim 14,410 Sikkim & Tibet
Palakkad Gap Kerela 750 Kerela & Tamil Nadu
Thamarassery Pass Wayanad Kerela 1,700 Malabar & Mysore
Shenkottai Pass Kollam Kerela 690 Travancore & Tamil Nadu
Pensi La Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh)
Rezang La Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh)
Rohtang Pass Himachal Pradesh 13,051 Manali & Lahaul
Sasser La Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh) 17,753 Nubra & Siachen Glacier
Sela Pass Arunachal Pradesh 14,000
Shipki La Himachal Pradesh
Sia La Jammu and Kashmir(Siachen Glacier) 18,337
Shingo La Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh)
Spangur Gap Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh)
Gyong La Jammu and Kashmir(Siachen Glacier) 18,655
Bilafond La Jammu and Kashmir(Siachen Glacier) 17,881
Sin La Uttarakhand
Tanglang La Jammu and Kashmir(Ladakh) 17,583
Traill’s Pass Uttarakhand 17,100
Zojila Pass Jammu and Kashmir(Kashmir, Ladakh) 12,400 Kashmir & Ladakh

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