Marketing Quiz Four for SBI PO and Clerk Exams

Dear Aspirants,

Marketing Quiz is very important for State Bank of India’s Probationary Officer and also for Clerk exams. Practice these Questions more and easily get good marks in General Awareness Category. All the Best.

1. In a healthy market, when a percentage change in the price of a product results in a larger and opposite percentage change in demand for the product, then it is denoted as
a) Latent Demand
b) Elastic Demand
c) Derived Demand
d) Composite Demand

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Answer b) Elastic Demand

2. When the demand of a particular product is more than the company’s supply, then it is called
a) Irregular Demand
b) Full Demand
c) Positive Demand
d) Overfull Demand

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Answer d) Overfull Demand

3. Who gave Five Forces Analysis Framework to analyze the external business environment of an industry?
a) Robb Stark
b) Stannis Baratheon
c) Michael Porter
d) George Kullum

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Answer c) Michael Porter

4. What does the second E in PESTLE Analysis stands for?
a) Economic
b) Education
c) Environmental
d) Entrepreneurship

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Answer c) Environmental PESTLE – Political Economic Social Technological Legislative Environmental.

5._________ are the goods that people cannot cut out of their budgets regardless of their financial situation.
a) Speciality Goods
b) Consumer staples
c) Electronic Items
d) Convenience Goods

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Answer b) Consumer Staples

6. ________ is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused.
a) Niche Market
b) Mass Market
c) Target Market
d) Open Market

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Answer a) Niche Market

7. When a company locates certain business functions outside of either their home country due to some reasons, then it is called as
a) Investment
b) Outsourcing
c) Order Influencing
d) Observational Research

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Answer b) Outsourcing

8. The particular type of customers who don’t have any particular item in their purchase list but buy what they find good and productive at that point of time are called
a) Wandering Customers
b) Idea Customers
c) Impulsive Customers
d) Urgent Customers

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Answer c) Impulsive Customers

9. The least profitable customers are
a) Discount Customers
b) Subsidy Customers
c) Freebie Customers
d) Wandering Customers

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Answer d) Wandering Customers

10. RSS is an Internet technology that allows a company to publish frequently updated information to the subscribers. What is R in RSS
a) Retail
b) Really
c) Resource
d) Reference

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Answer b) Really RSS – Really Simple Syndication

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