General Knowledge Quiz – Set Nine

1. Who was the first Governor General of India?
a) William Bentick
b) Dalhousie
c) Hastings
d) Curzon

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Answer a) William Bentick

2. Who was the first Viceroy of India?
a) Lord Auckland
b) Lord Canning
c) Lord Hardinge
d) Sir Charles Metcalf

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Answer b) Lord Canning

3. In 1911, Capital was shifted from Calcutta to
a) Nagpur
b) Bombay
c) Delhi
d) Shimla

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Answer c) Delhi

4. Who repealed Vernacular Press Act
a) Lord Wavell
b) Lord Mount Batten
c) Lord Willingdon
d) Lord Irwin

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Answer a) Lord Wavell

5. Under whose regime Jallian Wala Bagh massacre occured?
a) Lord Minto
b) Lord Chelmsford
c) Lord Irwin
d) Lord Duffrin

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Answer c) Lord Chelmsford

6. Who constructed Victoria memorial in Calcutta?
a) Lord Irwin
b) Lord Auckland
c) Lord Curzon
d) Lord Rippon

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Answer c) Lord Curzon

7. Who was most hated Viceroy?
a) Lord Lytton
b) Lord Rippon
c) Lord Minto
d) None of the above

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Answer a) Lord Lytton

8. Who abandoned Sathi Pratha in 1829?
a) Lord William Bentick
b) Lord Amherst
c) Lord Hastings
d) Lord Minto

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Answer a) Lord William Bentick

9. Under whose regime Quit India Movement was launched?
a) Lord Mount Batten
b) Lord Wavell
c) Lord Linlithgow
d) Lord Reading

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Answer c) Lord Lintlithgow

10. Who was declared Kaiser-I-Hind?
a) The queen of England
b) Lord Mountbatten
c) Mahatma Gandhi
d) None of the above

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Answer a) The Queen of England