Legendary former Intel CEO Andy Grove is dead at 79

Andy Grove, who fled from Nazi and Soviet oppression to become one of the most powerful business leaders in the global tech industry as the chairman and CEO of Intel, died on Monday. He was 79.


  • Grove was the first hire at Intel, which was founded in 1968 by former employees of Fairchild Semiconductor.
  • Grove joined on day one as the company’s director of engineering, became Intel’s president in 1979, and its CEO in 1987.
  • He stepped aside as CEO when he developed prostate cancer, but he continued to serve as chairman of the board until 2004.
  • During his leadership, Intel successfully transformed itself from a maker of memory chips to the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductors, growing revenue from $1.9 billion to $26 billion.
  • Grove was idolized by some of tech’s best-known leaders, including former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who called him in 1997 to ask whether he should return to Apple.
  • During Grove’s tenure as CEO, Intel produced chips including the 386 and Pentium, which became name brands unto themselves and laid the groundwork for much of the personal computing era.
  • Grove was born András Gróf in Budapest, Hungary, in 1936. When he was 8, the Nazis invaded Hungary and sent 500,000 Jews to concentration camps.

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