General Knowledge Quiz – Set Fourteen

Geography Quiz

1. ‘Equinox’ means
a) days are longer than nights
b) days and nights are equal
c) days are shorter than nights
d) none of these

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Answer b) days and nights are equal

2. Example of metromorphic rocks is
a) marble
b) limestone
c) granite
d) slate

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Answer a) Marble

3. Example of sedimentary rock is
a) marble
b) imestone
c) granite
d) slate

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Answer a) Limestone

4. Which type of soil retains maximum water?
a) Sandy
b) clayey
0c) Rocky
d) loamy

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Answer b) Clayey

5. Comets are luminous celestial bodies moving round the
a) Sun
b) Earth
c) Moon
d) Mars

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Answer a) Sun

6. Height of Mt. Everest is
a) 6700 m
b) 8848 m
c) 9800 m
d) 7800 m

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Answer b) 8848

7. Which is the most abundant metal in the earth crust?
a) Zinc
b) Iron
c) Aluminium
d) copper

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Answer b) Iron

8. Niagra falls are in
a) Africa
b) Australia
c) N.America
d) Asia

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Answer c) N.America

9. Which river carry large quantity of water in the world?
a) Nile
b) Amazon
c) Thames
d) Asic

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Answer b) Amazon

10. The oldest city in the world is
a) London
b) Damascus
c) Athens
d) Delhi

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Answer b) Damascus