Karnataka to launch online portal for auctioning livestock

The Karnataka government is set to launch an online portal for trading livestock, beginning with the auction of cattle and sheep.  The portal would allow buyers and sellers to make their choice based on online profiles of the cattle. The scheme is aimed at saving the dairy farmers from being “cheated” by brokers during the trade.

  • The project will initially be rolled out in 27 APMC markets and aims to put an end to complaints from dairy farmers who are duped by brokers, who bring livestock to cattle fairs for trade. The cattle trading software, developed by ReMS, will enable buyers and sellers to search and select cows of their choice based on their online profiles.
  • Tens of thousands of cattle and sheep in the state will soon get online profiles, complete with photographs, video footage, vital stats, age, animal’s vet and feed history, and even a UID number.

How Online Trade Work

  • Buyer and seller apply online for membership to auction their livestock.
  • Members must follow the trading rules.
  • Seller submit lots of cattle for sale and also post Photographs and information about the cattle.
  • The money will be transferred online through e-banking system.
  • The auction will present in preset order and awarded high bidder.

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