Interview with Aspirant – Rahul (vendeTTa)

D2G: Tell us something about yourself.
I am Rahul (on disqus vendeTTa), born and raised in Himachal Pradesh. I am a graduate in MCA that is the reason I have interest in surfing logging and reading computer trivia. I am a self motivated person. In leisure, I love to play guitar and listen music, watching movies and blogging


D2G: When did you finally decide to prepare for competitive exams?
I decided to go for competitive exams just after my post graduation (MCA). (I am not here telling you that I joined a company under college placement)

D2G: If you joined the company under campus placement. Then, why did you leave the job?
One can not sail on two boats together. This is what I believe in. In order to give your 100% to something, you must keep your head straight towards the destination. So, I had to leave my job in order to clear these exams in my first go.

D2G: So,  How does it feel to achieve your destination?
Well i actually believe in a saying by Steve Jobs – Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry. It is just a start, long way to go.

D2G: So, should we make out that you are up for other examinations like UPSC?
For now, I am only focusing on Banking era. My next focus is now SBI PO. After achieving it,who knows, I might appear for UPSC exams as well.

D2G: What strategy you had opted for cracking the exams?
Strategy differs from person to person. If i believe in waking up early and study, it is not necessary that other person would follow the same.  Well, for me, it was simple. I  Just focused on Banking exams unlike others.
My technical background helped me a lot during my interview. I didn’t went  through many books, instead, I prepared through various sites. I mainly focused on achieving pace while solving reasoning and quants sections

D2G: What do you think most needed to clear such exams?
Time management. Bank exams are not at all tough to crack if one knows the proper management of time and proper use of the resources available.
Second thing is.- Do not study from myriad books.Follow one book religiously.
Last but not the least- Hard work. There is no substitute for hard work.

D2G: How many hours do you think one should study to clear the exam?
Even the hours spend on study varies person to person. According to me, 5 hours per day are enough to crack the exams.

D2G: What kind of questions were asked in your Bank PO interview?
Most of the questions were from my academic background. They asked me static banking questions like what is MICR, IFSC code ..etc. Some questions from Current Affairs.

D2G: Whom you give credit for your success?
I owe my success to God, my family, and myself for the sheer dedication and sleepless nights i spent.

D2G: Any tip for our Banking Aspirant?
Just believe in yourself. Stand up and Fightback!! Will resides within you. you have the power. Obstacles are those frightful things when you take your eyes off your Goal. So, do not look left or right but straight to your desired goal.

D2G: Thanks for giving your time Rahul,. D2g wishes you all the success and happiness. Keep Shining.
Thanks D2G ☺

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