India’s Position in Various Index – Download PDF

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All competitive exams have a minimum of 2 questions from India’s position in various Index. It is very important to remember last six months indexes. Download the PDF at the bottom of the post.

India's position in various index


Various Indexes 

India’s Position

Top Position

Global Talent Index 92 Switzerland
Inclusive Development Index 60 Lithuania
Global passport-strength list 78 Germany
World’s most dynamic city list Bengaluru
Corruption Perception Index 2016 79 New Zealand and Denmark
Eight great powers in 2017 6 US
Intellectual Property index 43 US
Index of Economic Freedom 143 Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand
World Happiness Report 122 Norway
Human Development Index 131 Norway
Corruption in businesses Index 9 Ukraine
WEF’s global travel & tourism ranking 40 Spain
Global FDI Confidence Index 8 US
Press Freedom Index 2017 136 Norway
Global Peace Index  2017 141 Iceland

To download the file in PDF, click – India’s Position in Various Index



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