Indian firm Nualgi wins MIT Climate CoLab awards

Nualgi, an Indian company with wholly Indian technology in the field of nano biotechnology has won a prestigious award at the Climate CoLab of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. Nulagi had submitted two proposals to reduce power and fuel consumption for sewage treatment and reuse of water built around their nano-scale product called Nualgi for the 2015 edition of the annual MIT contest. Both the proposals were shortlisted by a panel of judges in the Top 10 category. Thereafter, they won the Popular Choice Awards in voting by general public internationally.

Nualgi was invented by T. Sampath Kumar of Bangalore after 15 years of research and development in nano biotechnology. Nualgi is used to grow diatom algae in all types and volumes of water, from aquariums to oceans. Nualgi is a breakthrough product, which is marketed in the U.S. by Nualgi America LLC based out of San Marcos, California.

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Answer – Phycology