Important Tips and Preparation Strategy to crack Bihar B.Ed. 2020 Exam

Important Tips and Preparation Strategy to crack Bihar B.Ed. 2020 Exam

Important Tips and Preparation Strategy to crack Bihar B.Ed. 2020 Exam

Important Tips and Preparation Strategy to crack Bihar B.Ed. 2020 Exam

Important Tips and Preparation Strategy to crack Bihar B.Ed. 2020 Exam

The Bihar B.Ed. Common Entrance Test which was to be conducted on 29th March 2020 has now been postponed until further notice. The dates of exam will be declared by Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga in due course. Eligible candidates can fill for either Regular or Distance mode B.Ed. programmes. In this blog, we shall give a rundown of the best Bihar B.Ed. 2020 exam tips so that you can make the most of these extra days of preparation.

How to Prepare for Bihar B.Ed. : Exam Pattern & Syllabus

The Bihar B.Ed. exam OMR-based objective test comprising of 120 questions of 1 mark each. Candidates have a total of 2 hours for the test. Here is a brief look at the main sections and after that, we will get into Preparation tips for Bihar B.Ed.

General English Comprehension (Regular & Distance Mode)

[Fill in the blanks, Error Detection, One Word Substitution, Idioms & Phrases, Antonyms/Synonyms etc.]

General Sanskrit Comprehension(Shiksha Shastri) [Sanskrit Grammar & Vocabulary]1515
General Hindi [Hindi Grammar & Vocabulary]1515
Logical & Analytical Reasoning

[Statements & Arguments, Statements & Conclusions, Statements and Course of Actions, Assertion & Reason, Situation Reaction Test, Analytical Reasoning, etc.]

General Awareness

[History, Geography, Polity, Social Issues, General Science, Current Affairs, etc]

Teaching-Learning Environment in Schools

[Management of Physical Resources in School-Need and Effects; Students Related Issues; Teacher Students Relationship; Motivation, Discipline, Leadership etc.; Teaching and Learning Process; Ideal teacher, Effective teaching, Handling of Students, Classroom Communication etc.; Curricular and Extra-Curricular activities such as Debate, Sports, Cultural activities etc.; Management of Human Resources in School-Principal, Teachers and Non-teaching Staff; Physical Environment: Elements of Positive Learning Environment]


Note: Refer to the official website for official & further information.

How to Prepare for Bihar B.Ed. : General English 

As mentioned above, the General English section carries 15 questions of 1 mark each. Given below are some Bihar B.Ed. exam tips on which you can shape Bihar B.Ed. preparation strategy.

  • Learn & Revise 15-20 new words everyday

Questions on synonyms, antonyms, idioms, one-word substitution, etc. are solely dependent on the level of your vocabulary. Thus, learn 15-20 new words daily along with their synonyms, antonyms, examples and if possible, word roots. Word roots help you remember.

  • Take Online Quizzes and Tests

The more you immerse yourself in quizzes and topic tests, the more you will understand the correct use of words and the fundamentals of English Grammar.

  • Improve Your Grammar Fundamentals

You must be well-versed with fundamental English grammar rules such as Verb-noun agreement, number-person agreement, active & passive voices, and so on. You can use Wren & Martin English Grammar book for reference.

How to Prepare for Bihar B.Ed. : General Sanskrit Comprehension & General Hindi

The sections of General Sanskrit Comprehension and General Hindi carry consist of 15 questions each of 1 mark. Thus, your overall score rides on your Bihar B.Ed. preparation strategy for these two sections.

  • Hindi Grammar is Key

As per the syllabus, both sections [Hindi & Sanskrit] will carry grammar questions in considerable number. Topics include verbs, compound, prefix & suffix, synonyms and antonyms, one-word substitution, idioms, etc. Be aware of the basic rules and exceptions. Practice relevant questions gradually.

  • Read Questions & Instructions Carefully

Read through the entire question and any other important instruction mentioned. Look for triggers like negative words, ‘NOT’, etc. that can change the direction of the sentence. Also, for word-based questions, make sure to know what the question requires in terms of synonym, antonym, etc.

  • Refer to Updated & Trusted Study Material

It is crucial to have the best books and study material on your table for reference. These help in clearing concepts and cementing grammar. NCERT books are some of the most preferred. This is one of the most effective Preparation tips for Bihar B.Ed. exam.

How to Prepare for Bihar B.Ed. : Logical & Analytical Reasoning

The 25 questions on the Logical and Analytical Reasoning section carry 1 mark each. Listed below are some Bihar B.Ed. exam tips for this section.

  • Time Management is Critical

Time management is considered amongst the most effective Bihar B.Ed. preparation strategy. Don’t get stuck on one question too much. Mark it for revision and come back to it later. 25 questions mean, on each question you have exactly one minute.

  • Practice Topic-based Tests

Reasoning score is a function of your practice. By solving many and diverse problems, you will learn more about the concepts involved. Incorporate calculation shortcuts. Question on statements, arguments and analytical reasoning more often than play around basic formulae/concepts. Make yourself aware as many types of questions as you can.

How to Prepare for Bihar B.Ed. : General Awareness

This section carries the highest weightage in the exam: 40 questions of 1 mark each. Hence, the following General Awareness Preparation tips for Bihar B.Ed. will certainly help you.

  • Refine your Strengths. Work on your Weak Areas

Divide the syllabus [History, Geography, Social Issues, Current Affairs etc.] into areas of strengths and weaknesses. Make a preparation tracker and evaluate your progress on both fronts weekly.

  • Use Creative Techniques to Remember Current Affairs

One of the most effective Bihar B.Ed. preparation strategy we can give is to apply innovative methods of flow charts, diagrams, mind maps, anagrams, etc. to boost your memorisation and recall skills.

How to Prepare for Bihar B.Ed. : Teaching-Learning Environment in Schools

The last and final section ‘Teaching-Learning Environment in Schools’ is of 25 marks with 25 questions. One of the best preparation tips for Bihar B.Ed. exam in this section is to ‘think like a teacher’ when solving questions on teacher-student relationship & issues. Read and try to understand child psychology, learning tools, curriculum, teaching methods and so on.

Ultimately, the above Bihar B.Ed. exam tips are dependent on the level of motivation and confidence. Believe in yourself, have patience and remain composed during your preparation as well as on your exam day. All the best.

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