Importance of general knowledge

What is the importance of general knowledge ? Day to day in general knowledge in different subjects and current affairs in various areas makes  you a better person. General Knowledge can be explained as culturally valued knowledge in culture, civilization, country or community. Normally general knowledge is the knowledge of every side of the human life.  There are different places are identified as various areas of general knowledge like games, culture, politics, discovery, arts, medicine, films, history, etc., There are many ways to do that on the internet, reading books and watching television, etc., In Day today Gk will help you to have all general knowledge question and answers in one site.

importance of general knowledge

Importance of general knowledge

General knowledge is an important thing to us. Today, most of the interviews and exams conduct a test based general knowledge. A general knowledge gives you the best knowledge of everything around you. An intelligent person has a knowledge of all updates in day to day. An individual who is knowledgeable with current affairs known as intellectual. General knowledge also helps you on the government exams to score good marks. All competitive exams need a lot of questions based on general knowledge and thinking. If you are going for an interview, there may be some questions that are relating your general knowledge.

The major branches of general knowledge has :

  • Family
  • Science
  • Fashion
  • Arts
  • Physical health and recreation
  • Current affairs

In all government exams, there may be a general knowledge questions to be asked. Most of the students have a knowledge to answer those questions. If you have a general knowledge, you have to score good marks in your exams. So, you have to learn your general knowledge in newspapers, televisions, books, and search through internet. Every one wants to know about general knowledge questions and answers and it helps at any point of time. Some schools and colleges are also conducted a current affairs quiz that makes more knowledge to each and everyone to participate in the quiz.

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