General Knowledge Quiz – Set Eighty One

G K Quiz

1. He Was The First Editor Of Kesari, A Prominent Marathi Weekly In His Days Which Was Started By Lokmanya Tilak In 1880-81. He Subsequently Left Kesari Out Of Ideological Differences With Tilak Concerning The Primacy Of Political Reforms Versus Social Reforms, And Started His Own Periodical Sudharak.Who Is He?
a. Hamid Dalwai
b. Gopal Ganesh Agarkar
c. Raghunath Dhondo Karve

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Answer b. Gopal Ganesh Agarkar

2. He Was A Professor Of Mathematics And A Visionary Social Reformer From Maharashtra, India. He Was A Pioneer In Initiating Family Planning And Birth Control For Masses In Mumbai In 1921.He Was Also The Eldest Son Of Bharat Ratna Winner? Who Was He?
a. M V Dhond
b. Raghunath Dhondo Karve
c. Yashawant Dinkar Phadke

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Answer b. Raghunath Dhondo Karve

3. ___________ Worked As A Journalist. He Works Include Lat (लाट) (The Wave) And Indhan (इंधन) (Fuel) In Marathi, And Muslim Politics In Secular India In English.
a. Azis-Un-Nisa
b. Syed Ahmed Khan
c. Hamid Dalwai

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Answer c. Hamid Dalwai

4. _____ Through His Shatpatre (A Bunch Of Letters Numbering 100 – Exact No. Is 108) Attacked Orthodox Brahmans Opposing Social And Religious Reforms In Maharashtra.
a. Jotirao Phule
b. Gopal Hari Deshmukh
c. Balshastri Jambhekar

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Answer b. Gopal Hari Deshmukh

5. Who Started Seva Sadan For The Care Of Women Of All Castes?
a. Justice Ranade
b. Behramji Malbari
c. Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar

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Answer c. Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar

6. _____________ Founded The Sharada Sadan In 1890 To Help Upper-Class Widows.
a. Jotirao Phule
b. Shahu Maharaj
c. Pandita Ramabai

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Answer c. Pandita Ramabai

7. ___________ Established Satyashodhak Samaj.
a. Pandita Ramabai
b. Jotirao Phule
c. Shahu Maharaj

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Answer b. Jotirao Phule

8. Fought For The Eradication Of Untouchability Through His Depressed Classes Mission.
a. Justice Ranade
b. Vitthal Ramji Shinde
c. Shahu Maharaj

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Answer b. Vitthal Ramji Shinde

9. ________ Was The Architect Of The Rayat Shikshan Sanstha.
a. Jotirao Phule
b. Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj
c. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil

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Answer c. Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil

10. _________ Was The Chief Architect Of The Indian Constitution And The Creator Of A Social And Political Awareness Among The Scheduled Castes Of India.
a. C D Deshmukh
b. B R Ambedkar
c. Malvankar

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Answer b. B R Ambedkar

11. ___________ The Spiritual Heir Of Gandhi, Sacrificed His Life For Sarvodaya.
a. Vinoba Bhave
b. Tarabai Modak
c. Baba Amte

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Answer a. Vinoba Bhave

12. _______ Is Also Known As Father Of Marathi Journalism For His Efforts In Starting Journalism In Marathi Language With The First Newspaper In The Language Named ‘Darpan’ In The Early Days Of British Rule In India.
a. Lokhitwadi
b. Balashastri Jambhekar
c. Justice Ranade

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Answer b. Balashastri Jambhekar

13. The Crawford Market In Mumbai Is Officially Named After Him.He Was A Member Of Pune Municipality From 1876 To 1882.Dhananjay Keer, His Biographer, Rightly Notes Him As “The Father Of Indian Social Revolution”. Who Is He?
a. B R Ambedkar
b. Shahu Maharaj
c. Jotirao Phule

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Answer c. Jotirao Phule

14. He Is Credited With Doing Much To Further The Lot Of The Lower Castes, And Indeed This Assessment Is Warranted. He Did Much To Make Education And Employment Available To All: He Not Only Subsidized Education In His State, Eventually Providing Free Education To All, But Also Opened Several Hostels In Kolhapur For Students Hailing From Many Different Non-Brahmin Communities, Thereby Facilitating The Education Of The Rural And Low-Caste Indigent. He Also Ensured Suitable Employment For Students Thus Educated, Thereby Creating One Of The Earliest Affirmative Action Programs In History. Many Of These Measures Were Effected In The Year 1902.There Is One College Named Rajaram College Built By Him. Who Is He?
a. Shahu Maharaj
b. B R Ambedkar
c. Dhondo Karve

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Answer a. Shahu Maharaj

15. Click Wrong Option
a. Pandita Ramabai -Sharada Sadan
b. Anutai Wagh-Prarthana Sabha
c. Behramji Malbari-Seva Sadan

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Answer b. Anutai Wagh-Prarthana Sabha

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