General Knowledge Quiz – Set Fifty

1. In Prehistoric Period, The period when man, basically a food gatherer, discovered fire and wheel
a) 400000 BC – 1000 BC
b) 1000 BC -2000 BC
c) 1000-600 BC
d) 1000-800 BC

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Answer a) 400000-100 BC

2. The famous Chinese traveller Hieun Tsang visited India during Emperor ______
a) Harshawardhana’s reign
b) Maurya Empire
c) Deccan Empire
d) Gupta Dynasty

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Answer b) Maurya Empire

3. Who Was the Part of the 34th Bengal Native Infantry, known for his involvement in attack on his senior British officers on 29th March 1857 at Barrackpore, an incident that marked the beginning of the First War of Indian Independence?
a) Mangal Pandey
b) Harshwardhan
c) Nana Sahib
d) Bakht Khan

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Answer a) Mangal Pandey

4. Who the adopted son of exiled Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao II, led the revolt at Kanpur
a) Nana Sahib
b) Mangal Pandey
c) Bakht Khan
d) None

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Answer a) Nana Sahib

5. The king of Jagdispur, currently a part of Bhojpur district, Bihar, Who led armed soldiers against the British troops
a) Veer Kunwar Singh
b) Tatya Tope
c) Nana Sahib
d) None

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Answer a) Veer Kunwar Singh

6. When Indus Valley Civilization did derived its name from the river Indus and thrived on agriculture and worshipped natural forces
a) 2500 BC – 1500 BC
b) 2000 BC- 1000 BC
c) 600 BC- 200 BC
d) 320 BC-520 BC

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Answer a) 2500 BC-1500 BC

7. In 185 BC – 320 AD this period saw the invasion of Bactrians, Parthians, Shakas & Kushans, opening of Central Asia for trade, and _______
a) Issuance of GOLD coins
b) Copper
c) Oil
d) Farming

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Answer a) Issuance of GOLD Coins

8. The Bronze Age in the Indian subcontinent began around ________ with the early Indus Valley Civilisation. It was centred on the Indus River and its tributaries
a) 3300 BCE
b) 2300 BC
c) 1500 BC
d) 2300 BC

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Answer a) 3300 BCE

9. The Vedic period is characterized by _________ associated with the texts of Vedas, sacred to Hindus, which were orally composed in Vedic Sanskrit
a) Indo-Aryan culture
b) Deccan Culture
c) Ancient Egypt Culture
d) None

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Answer a) Indo-Aryan Culture

10. Early Vedic society is described in the _________ the oldest Vedic text, believed to have been compiled during 2nd millennium BCE,[46][47] in the northwestern region of the Indian subcontinent
a) Rigveda
b) Athur veda
c) Samveda
d) None

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Answer a) Rigveda

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