General Knowledge Quiz – Set Eleven

History Quiz

1. When was first census held
a) 1872
b) 1871
c) 1901
d) 1911

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Answer b) 1871

2. Indian Council’s Act of 1909 known as
a) Motague Chelmsford reforms
b) Morley Minto Reforms
c) Pitts India Act
d) None of the above

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Answer b) Morley Minto Reforms

3. Pitts India Act was passed in
a) 1773
b) 1784
c) 1909
d) 1919

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Answer b) 1784

4. Rowlatt act pertains to
a) arrest of criminals
b) social reform’arrest of any person without trial
c) arrest of any person without trial
d) Land reforms

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Answer c) Arrest of any person without trial

5. After 1857 revolution who became in charge of Indian Affairs
a) Board of the directors of the company
b) Chairman of the board
c) The queen herself
d) The secretary of the state

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Answer d) The Secretary of the State

6. The third battle of Panipat was fought between
a) Ahmad shah Abdali & the mughals
b) Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Marathas
c) Marathas and the east Indian Company
d) Ahmad Khan Abdali and the Sikhs

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Answer b) Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Marathas

7. The only woman to sit on the throne of Delhi was
a) Hamid Banu Begum
b) Nur Jahan
c) Razia Sultan
d) Mumtaz Mahal

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Answer c) Razia Sultan

8. Fahien Visited India during the reign of
a) Ashoka
b) Harshvardhana
c) Chandragupta II
d) Chandragupta Maurya

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Answer c) Chandra Gupta II

9. The freedom struggle of India was greatly inspired by the cry of ‘liberty, fraternity, equality’, which were associated with
a) American war of independence
b) French Revolution
c) Russian Revolution
d) Magna Carta

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Answer b) French Revolution

10. Who was the Governor-General when 1857 war broke out?
a) Dalhousie
b) Canning
c) Lawrence
d) Curzon

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Answer b) Canning

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