General Knowledge Quiz – Set Fifty Nine

1. Which state has the largest Coastline(around 1600Km)?
a) Gujarat
b) Andhra Pradesh
c) Kerela
d) West Bengal

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Answer a) Gujarat

2. Alang, India Largest ship-breaking yard, is in______.
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Orissa
c) Karnataka
d) Gujarat

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Answer d) Gujarat

3. Which of the following global organisation is based in Washington?
a) IMF
b) WHO

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Answer a) IMF

4. Vir Savarkar Airport is located in_____.
a)Port Blair
b) Amritsar
c) Kolkata
d) Ahmadabad

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Answer a) Port Blair

5. Who invented the Barometer?
a) Narindewr Kapany
b) Evagelista Torricelli
c) Dennis Gason
d) Alexandre Bain

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Answer b) Evangelista Torricelli

6. Yellow Revolution is associated with ___.
a) Fish
b) Oilseeds
c) Milk
d) Coffee

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Answer b) Oilseeds

7. india’s biggest wildlife sanctuary for lions is ____
a) Manas National Park
b) Gir National Park
c) Bandipur National Park
d) Corbett national Park

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Answer b) Gir National Park

8. Which of the following terms is not associated with Cricket?
a) Diamond
b) Manhattan
c) Wagon Wheel
d) Chinaman

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Answer b) Manhattan

9. Vinson Massif is located in _____.
a) Australia
b) Europe
c) Antarctica
d) North america

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Answer c) Antarctica

10. Which of the following awards is also called the Alternative Nobel Prize?
a) Right Livelihood Award
b) Pultizer Award
c) Magsaysay Award
d) Templeton Prize

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Answer a) Right livelihood Award