General Knowledge Quiz – Set Thirty Eight

Geography quiz

1. These are ashgrey coloured soil. These are acidic in nature, infertile and are of limited value of agriculture.
a) Laterite soil
b) Black soil
c) Podzol soil
d) Red soil

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Answer c) Podzol soil

2. Laterite soil is found in _______ areas, mailnly in the equatorial regions. These are red-brown in colour.
a) Hot, humid
b) Cold
c) Humid
d) Desert

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Answer a) Hot, Humid

3. Prairie soil doesn’t have excess of calcium carbonate. Which crop mainly grown in this soil?

a) Wheat
b) Maize
c) Rice
d) Sugarcane

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Answer b) Maize

4. Chernozem soil is also known as _______
a) Prairie soil
b) Red soil
c) Black soil
d) Podzol soil

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Answer c) Black soil

5. Saline soil is mainly at steppes and is found not useful for ______
a) Farming
b) Irrigation
c) Agriculture
d) None

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Answer c) Agriculture

6. This soil is found in flood-prone areas where water drainage is much than in marshes and this soil also supports the quick growth of grasses
a) Meadow soil
b) Bog soil
c) Desert soil
d) Chest nut soil

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Answer d) chestnut soil

7. Tundra soil develops in very ______ climates
a) Hot
b) Humid
c) Cold
d) All of these above

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Answer c) cold

8. Soil is a complex phenomenon of _________
a) Weathering
b) Erosion of soil
c) Deposition of rock materials
d) All of the above

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Answer d) all of the above

9. It is characterized by low rainfall, high temperature and high evaporation. It is unleached and lacks humus matter
a) Podzol soil
b) Sand
c) Desert soil
d) Chestnut soil

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Answer c) desert soil

10. It is found in marshy areas of humid climate and gets saturated with water. this particular soil is studied as
a) Podzol soil
b) Desert soil
c) Bog soil
d) None

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Answer c) bog soil

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