General Awareness (RRB Officer Exam) – Morning Shift (05/09)

Dear Friends, Here are some of the Questions asked General Awareness Category of Today’s (Sep 5th) RRB Officer Level Exam (Morning Shift).

Special Thanks to Abhinaya for sending the Questions. 

1) Who is the present Chief Minister of Jharkhand?
Answer – Raghubar Das
2) The World Vegetarian Day is observed annually on
Answer – October 1
3) Who is the Governor of Sikkim?
Answer – Sriniwas Patil
4) PV sindhu is associated with which sport?
Answer – Badminton
5) Who was conferred with the prestigious Ramanujan Award 2015.
Answer – Amalendu Krishna
6) One Question related to Commercial paper
7) What is the Capital of Egypt?
Answer – Cairo
8) The Headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency is located in
Answer – Vienna, Austria
9) What is the Currency of Thailand?
Answer – Baht
10) Smart Humsafar was launched by
Answer- SBI Life
11) Kathakali is the famous folk dance of which Indian State?
Answer – Kerala
12) World information technology summit 2018 will be hosted by __________.
Answer – Hyderabad
13) The Headquarters of Punjab National Bank is at ______.
Answer – New Delhi
14) The National Development Bank is headed by ___________.
Answer – K.V. Kamath
15) One Question related to NABARD Committee

16) What is the contribution of China in NDB?
Answer – 41%
17) One question related to Kisan Vikas Patra.
18) _________ is the Largest producer of Rice in world.
Answer – China
19) Who was appointed as the Brand Ambassador of Renault?
Answer – Actor Ranbir Kapoor
20) The Headquarters of SAARC is located in
Answer – Nepal
21) The famous book Turning Points was penned by _______.
Answer – Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
Answer – Banking
23) Brad Haddin associated with which sport?
Answer – Cricket
24) In RRB the contribution of sponsor banks is
Answer – 35%
25) The Festival La Tomatina is famous in which country?
Answer – Spain
26) Blue Revolution is associated with
Answer – Fish and marine products
27) Which bank has recently launched Dhanchayat Video?
Answer – HDFC bank
28) _______ has recently become first Associate member of CERN among the Asian countries?
Answer – Pakistan
29) The latest member of European Union is ______.
Answer – Croatia
30) The largest state in India by area is?
Answer – Rajasthan
31) Which company installed first white label ATM in India?
Answer – Tata’s Indicash
32) What is S in RTGS stands for?
Answer – Settlement
33) One Question related to Pangong Lake

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