Famous Founders who remained CEO of their Company

Hello Aspirants,

This is an inclusive list of the name of the companies and their founders who choose to serve as CEO of the Company. I have provided few tricks to mug up their names easily. Please read and provide your views.

S. No Name of the Company Name of the Founder Tricks
1. Acer Stan Shih AS (Acer Stan)
2. Adobe John Warnock John’s Adobe
3. Amazon Jeff Bezos
4. AMD Jerry Sanders III
5. Apple Steve Jobs Apps (App-S)
6. DEC Ken Olsen Decken (Dec-Ken)
7. Dell Michael Dell Dell Mic
8. EA Trip Hawkins Europe Asia Trip (E A Trip)
9. EDS Ross Perot  ED Ro-Pe
10. Intuit Scott Cook
11. Microsoft Bill Gates Micro Bill
12. Motorola Paul Gallvin Motopa (Moto-Pa)
13. nVidia Jen-Hsun-Huang
14. Orcale Larry Ellison  Ola
15. Peoplesoft Dave Duffield  Dave soft
16. Marc Beniof
17. Seagate Al Shughart Sea Shughar
18. Sony Akio Morita Sonam (Son-A-M)