English Quiz for SBI|IBPS – Set 244

1.An_____ facet of the soviet perestroika is the search for a sweeping _____ programme in foreign policy .
a) essential, humanittarian
b) interesting, moral
c) important ,economic
d) immediate,social

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Answer a)essential, humanittarian

2.The teacher must __________ the unique style of a learn in order to________ it to desired knowledge.
a) perpetuate ,develop
b) discover, hardness
c) appreciate,focus
d) absorb,maintain

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Answer b) discover, hardness

3.Unless new reserves are found soon,the world’s supply of coal is being ______ in such a way that with demand continuing to grow at present rates,reserves will be ______ by the year 2050.
a) consumed, completed
b) depleted,exhausted
c) reduced,argument
d) burnt , destroyed

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Answer b) depleted,exhausted

4.Management can be defined as a process of_______ organization goals by working with through human and non- human resources to ____________ improve value added to the world.
a) getting , deliberately
b) targeting ,critically
c) reaching ,continuously
d) realizing ,dialectically

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Answer c) reaching ,continuously

5.If you are an introvert you ______ to prefer working alone and, if possible will _______towards projects where you can work by yourself or with as few people as possible.
a) like,depart
b) advocate, move
c) tend ,gravitate
d) express,attract

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Answer c) tend ,gravitate

6.Let us _______ with due _____ that ancient india was more civilized than modern india with its satellites in space.
a) admit ,humility
b) adopt ,certainly
c) suppose,timidness
d) presume, meekness

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Answer a) admit ,humility

7.The new principal _______ stress on routine administration _________ than on academic matters and examination reforms.
a) laid, rather
b) released,only
c) began, even
d) started,further

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Answer a) laid, rather

8.Children whose ____ survives parental discipline and who manages to grow up before they blow up are invited to _____ the university faculty.
a) curiosity ,join
b) inquisitiveness,visit
c) interest,address
d) inquiry,join

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Answer a) curiosity ,join

9.For years, advocates of nuclear power have claimed that nuclear power is the most ______ from of energy available but in light of a facts,one begins to______ this claim.
a) cheap, support
b) useful, question
c) expensive,contest
d) economical ,doubt

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Answer d) economical ,doubt

10.Reliance is the largest corporation in india and is still _____
at a pace that makes the old money empires of Tata and Birla companies look______.

a) developing ,indecisive
b) growing ,apologetic
c) expanding , slothful
d) escalating ,penchant

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Answer c) expanding , slothful