English Quiz for SBI PO|IBPS – set 115

1. Behaving in a _____________ and serious way, even in a _____________ situation, makes people respect you.
a) calm, difficult
b) steady, angry
c) flamboyant, tricky
d) cool, astounding
e) silly, sound

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Answer a) calm, difficult

2. Along with a sharp rise in ____________, a recession would eventually result in more men, women, and children living in _____________.
a) crime, apathy
b) fatalities, poor
c) deaths, slums
d) unemployment, poverty
e) migrations, streets

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Answer d) unemployment, poverty

3. The governments has ___________ to provide finan-cial aid to the one ____________ by severe floods in the city.
a) desired, troubled
b) promised, havoc
c) failed, affected
d) wanted, struck
e) decided, ill

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Answer c) failed, affected

4. An airplane with __________ passengers on board made an unscheduled ___________ as the airport to which it was heading was covered with thick fog.
a) irritable, slip
b) faulty, stop
c) variety, halt
d) tons, wait
e) numerous, landing

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Answer e) numerous, landing

5. Deemed universities __________ huge fees, but have not been successful in providing _________ education to our students.
a) collect, maintaining
b) pay, belted
c) ask, good
d) charge, quality
e) demand, quantitative

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Answer d) charge, quality

6. He sat listening ________ as they went on ________ their plans for the next two or three weeks.
a) Intently, messing
b) Intently, deciding
c) Absently, messing
d) Intently, discussing
e) Absently, discussing

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Answer d) Intently, discussing

7. He stared at the seagulls tossed by the ________ wind, and ________ himself on a boat on that angry sea.
a) Tempestuous, caught
b) Tempestuous, met
c) Silent, imagined
d) Tempestuous, imagined
e) Calm, jumped

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Answer d) Tempestuous, imagined

8. The ________ lit shops were open ________ for holi-day shopping.
a) Dimly, wide
b) Dimly, bright
c) Dimly, late
d) Brightly, late
e) Brightly, wide

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Answer d) Brightly, late

9. The table began to ________ back and forth, and the books fell with a resounding ________.
a) Rock, blow
b) Rock, fall
c) Rock, thump
d) Lift, thump
e) Lift, bang

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Answer c) Rock, thump

10. The headlights ________ into the bushes, and the piercing ________ of tires cut through the night air.
a) Glared, direction
b) Dimmed, noise
c) Glared, squeal
d) Dimmed, din
e) Blazed, light

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Answer c) Glared, squeal