English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 212

1.Promising that Metro Rail will ________the northern parts of the city in three years, Chief Minister said that a major portion of Chennai Metro Rail’s ________and underground construction works were completed.
a) cover, shorted
b) cross, lowered
c) abide, lifted
d) traverse, elevated

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Answer d) traverse, elevated

2.We must prevent endangered wild animal species from becoming __________ in order that our future generation may _______ the great diversity of animal life.
a) rare, escape
b) outdated, know
c) extinct, enjoy
d) powerful, protect

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Answer c) extinct, enjoy

3.Moreover, a fact-finding mission ________ by BSN to India in January this year strongly recommended that the French group should go it alone, and not hand over________ to an Indian partner.
a) constituted, authority
b) retarded, submit
c) sponsored, power
d) dispatched, control

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Answer d) dispatched, control

4.The gradual increase in public________ over three days of Premier Futsal now, means the sport, and the fancy, amusing form it’s been presented in, is well __________ up to.
a) turnout, warmed
b) source, known
c) basis, heated
d) cause, confused

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Answer a) turnout, warmed

5.All India Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation has said that it will conduct workshops in 60 cities across the country to create _______ among jewellers on norms of excise duty________ and other trade related practices.
a) heedlessness, effectuation
b) alertness, defection
c) unawareness, blunder
d) awareness, implementation

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Answer d) awareness, implementation

6.More_______, even though the two sides have not yet signed the ground rules, they have to_______ by it in Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat since there is practically nothing else to go by.
a) aberrant, quit
b) anomalistic, resist
c) curiously, abide
d) anomalous, shun

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Answer c) curiously, abide

7.International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde says that Britain’s vote to quit the European Union (EU) has _______significant uncertainty into the global economy but is nevertheless unlikely to cause a world_________.
a) removed, regression
b) injected, recession
c) detached, retrocession
d) adjoined, progress

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Answer b) injected, recession

8.Despite chest-thumping about diversity and difference, displayed in Republic Day parades and other________ that showcase nationalism, Indians seem to take________ in and demand some level of homogeneity.
a) occasions, pride
b) sporadic, docility
c) functions, meekness
d) events, mortification

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Answer a) occasions, pride

9.Is it the pollution that makes many__________people reach for masks every time they step out of their homes?
a) pitfall
b) protected
c) precipice
d) vulnerable

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Answer d) vulnerable

10.Any kind of ethnocentrism, fostered by pride in the self and in________ towards others, only divides people, not unites them in their________.
a) respect, similarity
b) prejudices, diversity
c) fairness, identicalness
d) justice, sameness

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Answer b) prejudices, diversity