English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 210

1.The country is________ slow to reform as its political class has convinced itself that anything but the most_________ pace will accept the electoral apple cart.
a) cryptically, snug
b) ambiguously, lukewarm
c) concealed, balmy
d) notoriously, glacial

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Answer d) notoriously, glacial

2.Frustration in the higher echelons of the judiciary appears to be________into anger. Poignant appeals have________into indignant warnings.
a) dividing, preception
b) separating, etheric
c) dispersing, actinoid
d) consolidating, morphed

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Answer d) consolidating, morphed

3.Warming temperature are already_______ a growing percentage of Arctic sea ice, exposing dark ocean water during the________ sunlight of summer.
a) mastering, make-shift
b) sending, ceasing
c) melting, perpetual
d) calming, troubled

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Answer c) melting, perpetual

4.The minister felt that the __________ made by the committee was ___________even though similar schemes had worked earlier.
a) decision, gainful
b) choice, profitable
c) recommendation, infeasible
d) election, acceptable

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Answer c) recommendation, infeasible

5.In a combined effort _________the corporate houses and the State Government, the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics has been________ soil health cards for farmers.
a) adding, speeding
b) including, facilitating
c) eliminating, promoting
d) excluding,blocking

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Answer b) including, facilitating

6.Google launched a program on Monday to train two million ___________in India on Android, its mobile operating system, in the next three-year period and this is aimed at _________them to make innovative mobile applications on the platform.
a) contractors, crippling
b) developers, enabling
c) creators, disabling
d) maintainers, disallowing

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Answer b) developers, enabling

7.The problem of content __________on the Internet got most associated with Free Basics, an application by Facebook which provided its own _______and that of its partners free to consumers, while all other content remained paid for.
a) penetration, despondent
b) perception, apprehension
c) discrimination, content
d) comparison, meaning

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Answer c) discrimination, content

8.Asset management companies will initially be _______to participate in commodity futures before foreign portfolio _________and insurance companies, which could be allowed in at more or less the same time.
a) permitted, opponents
b) banned, sponsors
c) prohibited, supporters
d) allowed, investors

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Answer d) allowed, investors

9.In its attempt to ensure more_________ on net neutrality, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India may have done exactly the opposite – created more_________.
a) intelligibility, humor
b) clarity, confusion
c) dirtiness, organization
d) obscurity, conclusion

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Answer b) clarity, confusion

10.The endless scream of alarm clocks and studying until eyes_________ in their sockets, pressure cooker competition, the desperate feeling that one’s entire future_________ in balance.
a) static, disjoin
b) sink, hangs
c) float, conjoin
d) increasing, take away

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Answer b) sink, hangs