English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 204

1.Its per capita income has_________ and India is now the world’s third largest economy in_________ power parity terms.
a) anticipate , enquiring
b) quintupled, purchasing
c) boniness, lending
d) leanness, selling

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Answer b) quintupled, purchasing

2.Greenhouse gases are only_________ of the story when it comes to global warning. Changes to one part of the climate system can_________ additional changes to the way the planet absorbs or reflects energy.
a) whole, raise
b) part, cause
c) material, refer
d) issue, stop

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Answer b) part, cause

3.In a combined effort _________the corporate houses and the State Government, the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics has been________ soil health cards for farmers.
a) adding, speeding
b) including, facilitating
c) eliminating, promoting
d) excluding,blocking

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Answer b) including, facilitating

4.After_________ generating of electricity from its wave turbine deployed at near Rutland Island in Andaman, the scientists will soon start the __________of a 1 kW hydrokinetic turbine.
a) thwarting, destruction
b) thriving, falsification
c) depressing, invention
d) successfully, fabrication

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Answer d) successfully, fabrication

5.The government is gearing up to assess the _______of one its pet programmes, the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY) after initial enthusiasm among MPs has turned to _______with less than 100 MPs adopting a second village under the programme.
a) ability, concern
b) inability, lethargy
c) inefficacy, dullness
d) efficacy, apathy

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Answer d) efficacy, apathy

6.In a digital India, and with _________availability of credit rating, bank accounts, Aadhaar information and mobile phones, technology can help in eliminating human ___________in sanctioning and extending credit to the borrower.
a) hedged, interposition
b) widespread, intervention
c) apprehend, contention
d) extended, protection

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Answer b) widespread, intervention

7.Asset management companies will initially be _______to participate in commodity futures before foreign portfolio _________and insurance companies, which could be allowed in at more or less the same time.
a) permitted, opponents
b) banned, sponsors
c) prohibited, supporters
d) allowed, investors

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Answer d) allowed, investors

8.While it has repeatedly_________ it is better placed in direct face-offs against a_________ Congress, there are parts of India where its presence is either marginal or very slight.
a) pretended, developing
b) tired, rising
c) demonstrated, diminishing
d) unreliable, improving

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Answer c) demonstrated, diminishing

9.The endless scream of alarm clocks and studying until eyes_________ in their sockets, pressure cooker competition, the desperate feeling that one’s entire future_________ in balance.
a) static, disjoin
b) sink, hangs
c) float, conjoin
d) increasing, take away

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Answer b) sink, hangs

10.At a time when the spread of internet is so small and the speed so slow,_________ time and energy on debating differential speed is like worrying about who gets what__________ of a small and yet-to-be-fully baked cake.
a) wasting, outright
b) devoting, slice
c) disregarding, utter
d) criticizing, inclusive

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Answer b) devoting, slice