English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 194

1.The disproportionate ________ by the Indian forces against firing by the Pakistani forces has shown that Narendra Modi regime will not take truce ________ lightly.
a) Revolution, breach
b) Attack, contravention
c) Ambush, offence
d) Retaliation, violations

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Answer d) Retaliation, violations

2.It is puzzling why death is considered _______especially when it is _______ the march towards the final destination.
a) uncertain, simplifying
b) inauspicious, facilitating
c) promising, halting
d) pious, starting

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Answer b) inauspicious, facilitating

3.India was among the few countries that stood by Japan as it expressed_______, nursed its wounds, and sought to rebuild after the Second World War.
a) amid
b) remorse
c) resurgence
d) consequence

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Answer b) remorse

4.The way Christians and Muslims dress in their places of worship is not an________ for other Indians not to dress the way they________do in their temples.
a) along, generally
b) dispute, equally
c) argument, normally
d) dissipate, specially

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Answer c) argument, normally

5.On censuses, no matter how good the training and irrespective of how many kinds of disability are covered, do you seriously expect______to be able to measure or capture disability.
a) enumerators
b) apparatus
c) mechanism
d) device

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Answer a) enumerators

6.Revitalising Indian Railways would be good for________but it would also have the added benefit of reducing_______from transport.
a) passengers , emissions
b) drivers, concealment
c) commuter, refrains
d) customer, containment

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Answer a) passengers , emissions

7.Consider innovations like the India Stack which_______Aadhaar authentication, e-KYC, esign, Digital Locker and UPI_______ mobile payments to provide cashless, paperless and presence-less transactions.
a) part, improbable
b) dissolve, impractical
c) detach, disconnect
d) combines , interoperable

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Answer d) combines , interoperable

8.The State’s earlier regulatory Act on jallikattu was ________as an anthropocentric law that was________to the eco-centric law against cruelty to animals.
a) recollect, nice
b) recall, good
c) dismissed,repugnant
d) learn, friendly

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Answer c) dismissed,repugnant

9.The entire system was_______, it suggested, and therefore, the anti-corruption authority had to_______ outside it.
a) invalid, dismiss
b) corrupt, exist
c) culprit, insist
d) mistake, Pressure

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Answer b) corrupt, exist

10.DDCA affairs were in such a mess that the India-South Africa Test match earlier this month was organised, on orders from the Delhi high court, under the________of Justice (retired) Mukul Mudgal.
a) supervision
b) served
c) worked
d) complained

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Answer a) supervision

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