English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 190

1.Whether it will stay that way or not will_____depend on how skilfully the government uses its_____to spur economic activity.
a) tiny, money
b) miniature, funds
c) largely, expenditure
d) small, hoard

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Answer c) largely, expenditure

2.The Reserve Bank of India has released______for the licensing of small finance banks and payment banks to deepen financial______in the country.
a) mix up, Addition
b) mess up, exclusion
c) guidelines , inclusion
d) disorganize, subtraction

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Answer c) guidelines , inclusion

3.It is, however, necessary to distinguish between developments that just______news and diplomatic initiatives that will______the course of history for the better.
a) Fake, focus
b) see , change
c) make, alter
d) Made, different

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Answer c) make, alter

4.I can __________ my daily protein needs______________ chicken peals alone.
a) Meet, through
b) Take, in
c) Eat, with
d) Require, from

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Answer a) Meet, through

5.Two political scions who _____________ as young Members of Parliament ________ a decade ago are now ministers with key infrastructure portfolios like telecom, shipping and corporate affairs.
a) Took, hardly
b) Opened, merely
c) Launched, scarcely
d) Debuted, nearly

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Answer d) Debuted, nearly

6.India has a vibrant publishing scene, thanks to not only the big publishers but also a lot of quality _____________ little publishing houses that ___________ it going.
a) Conscious, keep
b) Mindful, retain
c) Apprised, retain
d) Responsive, put

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Answer a) Conscious, keep

7.The proposed Environmental Laws Bill ________ substantial damage as an act of violation, omission or negligence by which the community at ________ is affected due to pollution damage to land, air or water.
a) Revokes, all
b) Inserts, large
c) Excludes, par
d) Empowers, best

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Answer b) Inserts, large

8.Speeds elsewhere are usually too slow for the service, though_____, the rewarding markets lie in second- and third-tier towns, and even semi-rural areas_____of media.
a) ironically, starved
b) suddenly, filled
c) occasionally, satisfied
d) cautiously, fed

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Answer a) ironically, starved

9.In __________ to enhancing their reputation through strategic use of philanthropy, companies are __________ social initiatives to open new markets.
a) conflict, terming
b) desire, considering
c) addition, sponsoring
d) need, considering

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Answer c) addition, sponsoring

10.The organisation ______ to popularize Indian classical music among the youth which has lost ______ with its cultural roots.
a) wishes, interest
b) efforts, experience
c) need, relation
d) endeavours, touch

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Answer d) endeavours, touch

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