English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 187

1.This creates a very potent_______against the forward movement of reforms and a_______e-product may not have the full desired impact.
a) furtherance, united
b) assistance, unify
c) facilitation, unite
d) impediment, standalone

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Answer d) impediment, standalone
impediment – obstruction
standalone – automatic

2.At the same time, there is the risk that a clutch of lenders will need greater levels of capital_________ than previously estimated; this will test the fiscal deficit as well as the taxpayer’s willingness to underwrite the__________ of the past.
a) introduction, access
b) submission, dearth
c) interpolation, exaggerate
d) infusion, excesses

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Answer d) infusion, excesses

3.You never realize that even the most nutritious diet cannot give you the ________ results if your digestive system is not fit enough to digest or absorb its nutrients ________.
a) Aspired, competently
b) Desired, efficiently
c) Wished, comfortably
d) Longed, freely

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Answer b) Desired, efficiently

4.His __________contribution to the tsunami relief fund was ____________ by his staff members.
a) mager, admired
b) spontaneous, nullified
c) negligible, sanctioned
d) generous, appreciated

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Answer d) generous, appreciated

5.The judgment has _________high expectations____________the people regarding the benefits of the scheme.
a) Initiated, towards
b) Derived, concerning
c) Raised, among
d) Argued, covering

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Answer c) Raised, among

6.Other central banks have_______by allowing their currency to_______in a bid to corner global exports.
a) retrospect, raise
b) retaliated, devalue
c) repay, increase
d) requite, overvalue

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Answer b) retaliated, devalue

7.As repeated attempts to kick-start the growth cycle have______less than the desired results, countries have resorted to “beggar thy neighbour” policies, which have proved______for all economies.
a) show gain, profitable
b) produce, helpful
c) return, beneficial
d) yielded, detrimental

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Answer d) yielded, detrimental

8.It is no secret that both countries would like to move away from the conventional image of exploited Indian_______living in_______Saudi labour camps.
a) labourers, regimented
b) workers, control
c) diligent, order
d) creatvie, troops

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Answera) labourers,regimented
regimented – controlled

9.Mr. Prabhu has rightly realised that a major challenge is to recover lost ground in_______ , where a________decline has had a negative impact not only on the Railways’ finances but on the economy as well.
a) contraction, yielding
b) constriction, surrendering
c) freight haulage, persistent
d) adhesion, relenting

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Answer c) freight haulage, persistent
Haulage – the commercial transport of goods

10.India had tacitly backed the________, which resulted in a virtual________and a shortage of essential supplies in Nepal.
a) disturbance, opening
b) relaxation, infarct
c) laziness, infarction
d) agitation, blockade

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Answer d) agitation, blockade
Agitation – worry and anxiety
Blockade – the situation in which a country or place is surrounded by soldiers to stop people or goods from going in or out ,नाकाबंदी , घेराबंदी