English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 183

1.While this consideration is perhaps_______acceptable, the Indian intelligentsia does not obviously_______in its truth.
a) specially, trust
b) abstractly, believe
c) ideologically, care
d) logically, listen

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Answerb) abstractly, believe

2.How the West arranges its own society is not a knockdown argument in_______of its civilisational priority or primacy, or proof of the_______of other ways of organising social life.
a) agree, scrutiny
b) favour , inferiority
c) against, complexity
d) with, curiosity

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Answerb) favour , inferiority

3.With the diversity of India, it is easy to_______thousands or perhaps even millions of entrepreneurial_______playing out over the next few years over the internet.
a) laziness, discriminates
b) certainty, discerns
c) know, differentiate
d) imagine , experiments

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Answerd) imagine , experiments

4.The guidelines for payment banks may be of particular significance to a number of payment service_____, such as mobile phone companies, that offer payment______through mobile wallets.
a) providers, services
b) dominant, calculations
c) gainers, provides
d) beginners, facilities

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Answera) providers, services

5.Even more gravely, neither the Central nor the state government is serious about__________out the National Food Security Act that should lawfully have_________a year and a quarter ago.
a) fight, Prohibit
b) disagree, Tight
c) clash, Ban
d) rolling, commenced

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Answerd) rolling, commenced

6.He noted how that document had inaugurated a certain conversation in the country,_______a move away from the language of homophobia towards a vocabulary of choice, of personal_______.
a) impede, autonomy
b) compelling, autonomy
c) deter, called
d) hinder, Automatic

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Answerb) compelling, autonomy

7.This socio-cultural experiment has led to__________questions and few answers; that is what keeps it__________, We continue to seek direction.
a) small, life
b) numerous, alive
c) lacking, animate
d) little, deceased

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Answerb) numerous, alive

7.I believe now, through our past____________experiences, we must prepare___________for future challenges.
a) peaceable, openly
b) kind, familiarly
c) kindly, commonly
d) bitter, ourselves

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Answerd) bitter, ourselves

8.During his stints as Home Minister and later as Foreign Minister, he enjoyed a reputation of being both__________and__________.
a) procrastinating, reasonable
b) decisive, pragmatic
c) indecisive, idealistic,
d) indefinite, unreasonable

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Answerb) decisive, pragmatic

9.Public-private partnership works best when it is based on an open and transparent arrangement, with a__________assignment of risks, backed by an_________dispute-resolution mechanism.
a) lucid, impotent
b) explicit, weak
c) clear, effective
d) definite, useless

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Answerc) clear, effective

10.Its successive_________reflect different stages of Nepali peacemaking, from ideological__________to integration of the Maoist army to a democratic republic to pluralism, gender equality and devolution.
a) uncommonness, refusal
b) infrequency, opposition
c) irregularity, dissension
d) iterations, reconciliation

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Answerd) iterations, reconciliation