English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 179

1.As Beijing serenades Nepal’s Prime Minister K P Oli in China this week, should New Delhi be__________about the expanding partnership between our two northern__________?
a) avoided, differences
b) concerned, neighbours
c) ignored, unfriendly
d) neglected, distinct

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Answer b) concerned, neighbours

2.it’s really that_________major political parties have________advertisements which attack prominent political personalities.
a) surprising, issued
b) usual, favoured
c) challenging, created
d) discernible, raised

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Answera) surprising, issued

3.This is_________These politicians are so-called_________of democracy and are expected to be role models for the citizens of this country.
a) childish, future
b) secular, stars
c) ashamed, builder
d) disgraceful, upholders

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Answer d) disgraceful, upholders

4.Commerce and Industry minister Nirmala Sitharaman held talks with her Russian ________Denis Manturov on measures to boost _________trade and investment ties including in sectors such as high-end engineering.
a) collaborator, biased
b) partner, multilateral
c) mate, unilateral
d) counterpart, bilateral

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Answerd) counterpart, bilateral

5.admittedly physical activity is a________of choice and is strongly driven by________preferences.
a) showing, attract
b) giving, insist
c) special, pursuit
d) personal, indulge

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Answerc) special, pursuit

6.The reason India need such a think tank is that despite________federalism and over liberalisation, the government will________a dominant and critical player in the Indian economy over the next several decades.
a) magnified, lodge
b) enhanced, remain
c) embellished, hover
d) adorned, tarry

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Answerb) enhanced, remain

7.India settled for a silver medal in its best ever Champions Trophy ________ after the spirited side went down 1-3 to world champions Australia in a summit clash________ shootout in London on Friday.
a) shut, forgiveness
b) perception, reward
c) instruction, pardon
d) performance, penalty

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Answerd) performance, penalty

8.Provision of relief to those affected by the latest floods has to go beyond___________ politics, and meet the actual needs of the people, particularly those ___________have suffered extreme losses.
a) patronage, who
b) submission, whom
c) detraction, that
d) opposition, who

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Answera) patronage, who

9.The European Championship football tournament began in Paris on Friday, and its successful_______ needs the help of France’s________ and security personnel.
a) conduct, workers
b) occasion, ministers
c) function, managers
d) creation, agencies

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Answera) conduct, workers

10.The opinions of some legal experts that now the_______ of the Election Commission on the disqualification is just a formality added_______ to their mill.
a) decision, grist
b) deferment, breakable
c) deferral, dainty
d) delay, delicate

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Answera) decision, grist