English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 173

1.Entry of mediocre students into Australia is likely to be ¬¬-_________with new norms making educational institutions responsible for the genuineness of their admissions which will be ________in their ratings.
a) unlimited, mirrored
b) limited, unreflect
c) unrestricted, selected
d) restricted, reflected

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Answer d) restricted, reflected

2.Economics of scale and_________demand from both consumers and enterprises_________this rapidly growing sector.
a) multiply, fuelling
b) insatiable, motivate
c) decreasing, thwart
d) unquenchable, forage

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Answer b) insatiable, motivate

3.admittedly physical activity is a________of choice and is strongly driven by________preferences.
a) showing, attract
b) giving, insist
c) special, pursuit
d) personal, indulge

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Answer c) special, pursuit

4.The private sector has made_________progress, but on the flip side it is also responsible for increasing_________in the healthcare sector.
a) slowly, speed
b) improve, pace
c) many, uniformity
d) tremendous, inequality

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Answer d) tremendous, inequality

5.This is_________These politicians are so-called_________of democracy and are expected to be role models for the citizens of this country.
a) childish, future
b) secular, stars
c) ashamed, builder
d) disgraceful, upholders

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Answer d) disgraceful, upholders

6.it’s really that_________major political parties have________advertisements which attack prominent political personalities.
a) surprising, issued
b) usual, favoured
c) challenging, created
d) striking, directed

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Answer a) surprising, issued

7.National politics is increasingly the sum of disaggregated state verdicts and Congress’s prospects look___________in most assembly elections where an___________is strong.
a) bleak, alternative
b) bright,constraint
c) dignified, retention
d) comfortable, lucrative

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Answer a) bleak, alternative

8.Centre should push for this updated legislation instead of___________a status quo__________four decades ago.
a) contravention, gratis
b) delinquency, gratuitous
c) upholding, scripted
d) dereliction, complimentary

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Answer c) upholding, scripted

9.The European Championship football tournament began in Paris on Friday, and its successful_______ needs the help of France’s________ and security personnel.
a) conduct, workers
b) occasion, ministers
c) function, managers
d) creation, agencies

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Answer a) conduct, workers

10.The public would have benefited from knowing what the_______of the people have to say on the drought situation as it has________in their areas.
a) uncharacteristic, undetailed
b) different, uncomplicated
c) atypical, sparing
d) representatives, unfolded

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Answer d) representatives, unfolded

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