English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 168

1.All the school students ……… the vicinity will be taken to the nearby theatres ………….the festival.
a) in, during
b) on, for
c) at, in
d) among, at

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Answera) in, during


2.The eventual ____ status of the Great Migration migrants has not been ____ traced.
a) economic, adequately
b) loss, quietly
c) gain, since
d) wealthy, sincerely

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Answera) economic, adequately

3.The cash value of children ____ during the nineteenth century because their expected ____ over the course of a lifetime increased greatly.
a) declined, earning
b) rose, earnings
c) stood, wealth
d) fell, economy

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Answerb) rose, earnings

4.We have asked the UNHCR to identify the _____________ cases where a child’s best interests are served by _____________ to the UK and help us to bring them.
a) unusual, move
b) common, shifted
c) exceptional, resettlement
d) conventional, relocate

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Answerc) exceptional, resettlement

5.He had been ___ to his teacher; consequently, he was ___ in front of the whole class.
a) honourable, detained
b) naughty, awarded
c) kind, detained
d) distrustful, regained

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Answerd) disrespectful, reprimanded

6.There is a land that ___ itself a multicultural success story, but it is one ___ by an indelible stain of bigotry.
a) hopes, acquainted
b) covers, painted
c) considers, tainted
d) condemns, covered

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Answerc) considers, tainted

7.We have ________________ to all companies, whether or not they are bound to have CSR projects under law, to undertake social work to uplift the poor and ____________ to rural development, especially in education and health.
a) requested, add
b) prayed, contribute
c) wished, supply
b) appealed, contribute

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Answerb) appealed, contribute

8.It’s hard to miss Facebook’s _________________ advertising campaign for Free Basics, the company’s controversial programme to bring millions of _______________ Indian’s online that detractors say offers only a limited version of the web.
a) Violent, unconnected
b) Important, connected
c) aggressive, unconnected
d) forcefully, connected

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Answerc) aggressive, unconnected

9.The panel’s report recognized the centre’s focus and _____________ to create jobs and generate higher ____________, but is also noted that the business in India have to interact with multiple authorities.
a) pains, responsibility
b) efforts, growth
c) facilitates, reduction
d) works, task

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Answerb) efforts, growth

10.The new world order would be ____together by a male, to represent reflection, and a female, to represent ____.
a) ruled, sentiment
b) assigned, notions
c) governing, situation
d) placed, emotion

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Answera) ruled, sentiment