English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 167

1.The protests were ……… at ……… awareness among the elite and the educated.
a) held, generating
b) aimed, creating
c) targeted, awakening
d) focused, building

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Answerb) aimed, creating

2.Cancer expert Harpal Singh Kumar, whose parents __________ to India from Pakistan during partition and later moved to Britain, has been ____________ in a royal honours list that includes several Indian-origin individuals who distinguished themselves in various fields.
a) run away, awarded
b) escape, knight
c) comes, awarded
d) fled, knighted

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Answerd) fled, knighted

3.The problems faced by a ____ scholar who wishes to use original source materials that are written in an ____ foreign language.
a) renowned, easy
b) scientific, difficult
c) common, organised
d) literary, unfamiliar

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Answerd) literary, unfamiliar

4.Sweden has said it expects to expel up to 80,000 migrants whose asylum ____________ will likely be rejected, as another 24 people including children ____________ in a desperate bid to reach Europe.
a) demands, flooded off
b) requests, drowned off
c) charges, immersed
d) petition, drowned off

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Answerb) requests, drowned off

5.The women’s ____ has succeeded in legitimizing the economic and political ____ of women on their own behalf.
a) leap, activity
b) movement, activism
c) participant, involvement
d) criteria, place

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Answerb) movement, activism

6.Australian prosecutors allege a teenage suspect _______________ with a British accomplice ways to pack a Kangaroo with ______________ before setting it loose on police officers.
a) talked, sensitive
b) argued, dynamite
c) discussed, explosives
d) associated, sensitive

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Answerc) discussed, explosives

7.The act was more significant for ________________ Dalits and other prohibited Hindus full rights to enter temples. It also _____________ that no person must enter a temple without a bath.
a) permitting, commands
b) refusing, directs
c) rejecting, agrees
d) allowing, dictates

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Answerd) allowing, dictates

8.Every state should have its ___________ rescue force at their disposal. As ____________ happen without any warning.
a) particular, tragedy
b) dedicated, accident
c) expert, misfortune
d) Specialized, disasters

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Answerd) Specialized, disasters

9.Economic experts say that big ticket investments might be _____________ but they will not _____________ the required employment.
a) glamorous, generate
b) attractive, make
c) good, create
d) useful, build

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Answera) glamorous, generate

10.Before the government forces could ___ from the attack, the enemy ___ yet another attack.
a) hover, landed
b) consider, declared
c) retain, pertained
d) recover, launched

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Answerd) recover, launched