English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 165

1.Doing away with contentious issues like seeking the centre’s _____________ on a range of functions, including increasing of the fee structures and _____________ in regulations, the new draft comes as a huge relief for the IIMs.
a) support, continue
b) agreement , remain
c) approval, changes
d) sanction, stay

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Answerc) approval, changes

2.The train was going ____________ the station. The moment the driver saw the man, he applied _____________ brakes but it was too late.
a) to, crisis
b) towards, emergency
c) near, immediate
d) about, direct

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Answerb) towards, emergency

3.The volunteers will not only be raising ________ but also _______ these families with the application process.
a) alertness, aid
b) knowledge, assist
c) awareness, help
d) information, facilitate

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Answerc) awareness, help

4.The government is planning to set ________ family welfare centers for slums in cities.
a) Another
b) with
c) in
d) up

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Answerd) up

5.The panel’s report recognized the centre’s focus and _____________ to create jobs and generate higher ____________, but is also noted that the business in India have to interact with multiple authorities.
a) pains, responsibility
b) efforts, growth
c) facilitates, reduction
d) works, task

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Answerb) efforts, growth

6.As citizens we can show our commitment to the constitution by _______________ doing our duties and that alone is most effective instrument to ________________ our liberty.
a) conscientiously, protect
b) casually, defend
c) angrily, guard
d) indifferently, protect

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Answera) conscientiously, protect

7.At the police check-point, the ___ in the car in front of us were asked to ___ their identity cards.
a) traveller, surrender
b) passengers, produce
c) relative, legalise
d) people, level

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Answerb) passengers, produce

8.At seven thirty, they were still _______ full so they did not have dinner until it was quite _______.
a) quite, late
b) little, ok
c) very, busy
d) on, before

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Answera) quite, late

9.The blast highlights the Pakistani Taliban’s continued ability to carry out __________ despite a major military __________ against its headquarters that analysts say has reduced the group’s capacity.
a) strikes, defensive
b) attacks, offensive
c) assault, repulsive
d) protection, revolting

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Answerb) attacks, offensive

10.The court had directed the directorate of education to _____________ that all schools that had been allotted land on the condition that they would ____________ 25 percent of EWS students fill the allotted seats.
a) certify, admitted
b) confirmed, receive
c) ensure, admit
d) ensured, grant

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Answerc) ensure, admit