English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 136

1) The ______ seventh-grader towered over the other players on his basketball team.
a) Gangling
b) Studious
c) mimetic
d) abject
e) reserved

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Answer a)Gangling (adj.) means awkward, lanky, or unusually tall and thin.

2) Carson was at first flattered by the ______ of his new colleagues,but he soon realized that their admiration rested chiefly on his connections, not his accomplishments.
a) reprisal
b) adulation
c) bulwark
d) rapport
e) retinue

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Answer b) Adulation (n.) means strong or excessive admiration or praise; fawning flattery.

3) For a(n) ______ fee, it is possible to upgrade from regular gasoline to premium.
a) nominal
b) judgmental
c) existential
d) bountiful
e) jovial

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Answer a) Nominal (adj.) means small, virtually nothing, or much below the actual value of a thing.

4) Searching frantically to find the hidden jewels, the thieves proceeded to ______ the entire house.
a) justify
b) darken
c) amplify
d) ransack
e) glorify

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Answer d) ransack (v.) means to thoroughly search, to plunder, pillage

5) The ______ deer stuck close to its mother when venturing out into the open field.
a) starling
b) foundling
c) yearling
d) begrudging
e) hatchling

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5) Answer c) yearling (n.) is a young animal past its first year but not yet two years old.

6) Jackson’s poor typing skills were a ______ to finding employment at the nearby office complex.
a) benefit
b) hindrance
c) partiality
d) temptation
e) canon

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Answer b) Hindrance (n.) is an impediment or obstruction; a state of being hindered; a cause of being prevented or impeded.

7) Through ______, the chef created a creamy sauce by combining brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon in a pan and cooking them over medium-high heat.
a) impasse
b) obscurity
c) decadence
d) diversion
e) liquefaction

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Answer e) Liquefaction (n.) is the process of liquefying a solid or making a liquid.

8) The defendant claimed that he was innocent and that his confession was ______.
a) coerced
b) flagrant
c) terse
d) benign
e) futile

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Answer a)To coerce (v.) is to force to do through pressure, threats, ornintimidation; to compel.

9) Harvey was discouraged that his visa application was ______ due to his six convictions.
a) lethargic
b) immeasurable
c) nullified
d) segregated
e) aggravated

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Answer c) nullified
(v.) means to make invalid or nonexistent.

10) The rebel spies were charged with ______ and put on trial.
a) sedition
b) attrition
c) interaction
d) reiteration
e) perdition

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Answer a) Sedition (n.) means resistance, insurrection; conduct directednagainst public order and the tranquility of the state.

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