English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 158

1.The Reserve Bank exercises its supervisory role_____ the financial system_____ commercial and urban cooperative banks, financial institutions and NBFCs, through the Board of Financial Supervision.
a) in, around
b) about, within
c) for, covering
d) over, encompassing

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Answerd) over, encompassing

2.The opening up of insurance sector has resulted in ______ of new products, particularly the unit-linked products which offer both capital______ and insurance cover and have attracted the attention of the insured.
a) appropriation, formation
b) introduction, appreciation
c) opening, collection
d) distinction, depreciation

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Answerb) introduction, appreciation

3.The suffering in Gaza has been so ________ that people are bound to be overjoyed at the news that a permanent ceasefire has been ____________ between Harmas and Isreal.
a) Much, arrived
b) Outrageous, setup
c) Intense, agreed
d) Deep, established

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Answerd) Deep, established

4.Concerns relating to global mass ____________ and privacy of internet users are likely to __________ discussions at the Internet Governance Forum.
a) Vigilance, lead
b) Scrutiny, influence
c) Inspection, control
d) Surveillance, dominate

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Answerd) Surveillance, dominate

5.If a government loses its ________ in the legislature, it should ________ gracefully and allow the opposition to form a new government.
a) confidence, admit
b) majority, quit
c) grip, react
d) command, manage

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Answerb) majority, quit

6.Diseases are easily ________ through ________ with infected animals.
a) transferred, affinity
b) transported, closeness
c) transplanted, serving
d) transmitted, contact

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Answerd) transmitted, contact

7.The Indian government should take ________ ________ to check terrorist activities in Jammu & Kashmir.
a) bold, policy
b) urgent, measurement
c) firm, steps
d) courageous, activities

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Answerc) firm, steps

8.It is time to ________ ongoing programmes and ________new horizons.
a) allocate, define
b) consider, think
c) justify, assemble
d) assess, seek

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Answerd) assess, seek

9.Scientists, working to save the earth, have created ‘dry water’ that soaks carbon three times better than water, and hence helps___________global warming.
a) monitoring
b) increase
c) combat
d) stop

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Answerc) combat

10.India’s relations with Pakistan are once again at________ ________.
a) unprecedented, tense
b) abnormal, hostility
c) low, ebb
d) dispute, stages

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Answerc) low, ebb