English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 142

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1. He noted how that document had inaugurated a certain conversation in the country, _______ a move away from the language of homophobia towards a vocabulary of choice, of personal _______.
a) impede, autonomy
b) compelling, autonomy
c) deter, called
d) hinder, Automatic

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Answer b) compelling, autonomy

2. The actress is _________ that she has not only acted opposite her childhood hero, but has also ________ out a song and recited a poem on-stage with the living legend.
a) overjoyed, belted
b) morose, sung
c) ecstatic, written
d) tense, prepared

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Answer a) overjoyed, belted

3. The ______ of India as an economic superpower is not reflected in the ______ of life enjoyed by its 1.2 billion citizens according to the human development index which ranked India very law among 182 countries.
a) recommend, compliance
b) tribute, conversion
c) spirit, joy
d) pursuit, quality

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Answer d) pursuit, quality

4. However, our experience shows that even in the years when the economy was doing well, we were not able to ________ the ________level, let alone improve upon it.
a) conform, unlawful
b) not conform, taboo
c) disjoin, prohibited
d) abide by, mandated

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Answer d) abide by, mandated

5. The guidelines for payment banks may be of particular significance to a number of payment service _____, such as mobile phone companies, that offer payment ______ through mobile wallets.
a) providers, services
b) dominant, calculations
c) gainers, provides
d) beginners, facilities

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Answer a) providers, services

6. The payment was _______________ delayed this time because some of the supporting documents for the claim ___________ missing.
a) unjustified, were
b) undeserved, had
c) unforseemingly, were
d) unduly, had

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Answer b) undeserved, had

7. The speaker’s ________________ over his subject was seen through his ____________ in the discourse.
a) mastery, fluency
b) efficiency, thorough
c) lethargy, dull
d) grip, boring

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Answer a) mastery, fluency

8. Consider innovations like the India Stack which _______ Aadhaar authentication, e-KYC, esign, Digital Locker and UPI _______ mobile payments to provide cashless, paperless and presence-less transactions.
a) part, improbable
b) dissolve, impractical
c) detach, disconnect
d) combines , interoperable

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Answer d) combines , interoperable

9) Our government must immediately ________ and enact laws protecting net neutrality and preserving our right to _______ access the full internet.
a) suppress, easily
b) announce , freely
c) refrain, costly
d) repress, expensive

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Answer b) announce, freely

10. A “cheaper” yuan would make Chinese _____ more attractive against other _____, including India.
a) sell, supporter
b) exports, competitors
c) imports, helper
d) buy, helpmate

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Answer b) exports , competitors