English Quiz for SBI | IBPS – Set 268

1.After a brief and violent ______ that ousted the president ,General Monsanto declared himself the dictator of the country.
a) nuance
b) coup
c) solicitation
d) upbraiding

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Answer b) coup

2.The movie offended many of the parents of its younger viewers by including unnecessary ______ in the dialogue.
a) vulgarity
b) verbosity
c) vocalizations
d) garishness

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Answer a) vulgarity
Vulgarity (noun) means offensive speech or conduct

3.Over the years the Wilsons slowly ______ upon the Jacksons’property, moving the stone markers that divided their lots farther and farther onto the Jacksons’ land.
a) encroached
b) jettisoned
c) conjoined
d) repudiated

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Answer a) encroached
To encroach (v.) means to gradually or stealthily take the rights
or possessions of another; to advance beyond proper or formal
limits; trespass.

4.Kendrick’s talent ______ under the tutelage of Anya Kowalonek,who as a young woman had been the most accomplished pianist in her native Lithuania.
a) bantered
b) touted
c) flourished
d) embellished

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Answer c) flourished
To flourish (verb) is (of artists) to be in a state of high productivity,excellence, or influence; to grow luxuriously, thrive; to fare well,prosper, increase in wealth, honor, comfort or whatever is desirable; to make bold, sweeping movements.

5.The mock graduation ceremony—with a trained skunk posing as the college president—was a complete ______ that offended many college officials.
a) tempest
b) epitome
c) quintessence
d) travesty

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Answer d) travesty
Travesty (noun) means a parody; a grotesque imitation with the
intent to ridicule.

6.The governor-elect was hounded by a group of ______ lobbyists and others hoping to gain favor with her administration.
a) facetious
b) abstruse
c) magnanimous
d) fawning

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Answer d) fawning
Fawning (adj.) means attempting to win favor or attention by
excessive flattery, ingratiating displays of affection, or servile compliance; obsequious.

7.The curious crowd gathered to watch the irate customer ______ about the poor service he received in the restaurant.
a) antiquate
b) trivialize
c) rant
d) placate

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Answer c) rant
To rant (verb) means to speak loudly or violently.

8.The high-profile company CEO was given an ______ for speaking at the monthly meeting of the area business leaders’ society.
a) expiation
b) honorarium
c) inoculation
d) interpretation

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Answer b) honorarium,Honorarium (noun) is payment or reward for services for which payment is not usually required.

9.Calvin reached the ______ of his career in his early thirties when he became president and CEO of a software company.
a) zephyr
b) plethora
c) vale
d) zenith

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Answer d) zenith

10.Through ______, the chef created a creamy sauce by combining brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon in a pan and cooking them over medium-high heat.
a) impasse
b) decadence
c) diversion
d) liquefaction

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Answer d) liquefaction,Liquefaction (noun) is the process of liquefying a solid or making a liquid.

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