English Quiz – Set Thirty Four (Synonyms)

1. Tick the meaning for Inimical
a) Imitable
b) Cautious
c) Antagonistic
d) Rectifiable

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Answer c) Antagonistic

2. Tick the meaning for Congential
a) Existing from birth
b) Expensive
c) Yielding
d) Industrious

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Answer a) Existing from birth

3. Tick the meaning for choleric
a) Hot headed
b) Sick
c) Pleasant
d) Brave

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Answer a) Hot headed

4. Tick the meaning for Brazen
a) Pious
b) Shameless
c) Hasty
d) Censorious

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Answer b) Shameless

5. Tick the meaning for Attenuate
a) Clever
b) Harvest
c) Weaken
d) Recommend

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Answer c) Weaken

6. Tick the meaning for Frugality
a) Economy
b) Foolishness
c) beautiful
d) complicated

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Answer a) Economy

7. Tick the meaning for Indolence
a) Sloth
b) Embarrassment
c) Involvement
d) Insufficiency

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Answer a) Sloth

8. Tick the meaning for Deluge
a) Reservation
b) collide
c) Pollute
d) Flood

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Answer d) Flood

9. Tick the meaning for clandestine
a) Visualize
b) Locate
c) Secret
d) Flood

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Answer c) Secret

10. Tick the meaning for Contentious
a) Self-Restraint
b) Quarrelsome
c) Ignorant
d) Understanding

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Answer b) Quarrelsome

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