English Quiz for IPPB |IBPS – Set 224

1.The _______ growth of Indian agriculture in the last three decades has earned_______from other countries.
a) pervasive, reputation
b) significant, deliverance
c) superior, regard
d) dynamic, accolades

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Answer d) dynamic, accolades

2.His presentation was so lengthy and _____________ that it was difficult for us to find out the real _____________ in it.
a) boring, planning
b) tedious, skill
c) verbose, skill
d) laborious, coverage

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Answer c) verbose, skill

3.The bill was ____ by the International Labour Organization (ILO) and _____ to the government a few months ago.
a) drafted, submitted
b) prepared, deposited
c) brought, pass
d) written, shown

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Answer a) drafted, submitted

4.We will _____ that not more than 60 students are ______ in one classroom.
a) sure, adjusted
b) like, believe
c) confirm, coming
d) ensure, accommodated

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Answer d) ensure, accommodated

5. We should move towards a system where the banks can_______capital in the market with_______safeguard so that they continue to be public sector banks.
a) improve, proper
b) strengthen, durable
c) raise, adequate
d) stimulate, effective

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Answer c) raise, adequate

6.A person’s formal educational background may ___________ rich but complex information. To some degree education ___________ a person’s knowledge and skill base.
a) reveal, advocates
b) yield, indicates
c) exhibit, develops
d) cover, evolves

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Answer b) yield, indicates

7.A _______ reader gets much greater pleasure from reading books than a miser gets in _______ money.
a) powerful, accumulating
b) voracious, hoarding
c) desirous, stocking
d) proverbial, spending

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Answer b) voracious, hoarding

8.Poetry is the language of the imagination and the _______. It relates to whatever gives _______ pleasure or pain to the human mind.
a) thinking, permanent
b) analysis, temporary
c) passions, immediate
d) circumspection, sporadic

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Answer c) passions, immediate

9.They just need to ____ that it’s not an issue of having girls or boys, It’s about individuals and as always, ___ the situations that come with them.
a) feel, turn
b) realise, tackling
c) analyze, facing
d) understand, modify

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Answer b) realise, tackling

10.The principal did not make changes to subject ___ and students were ___ to choose the subjects and sports they were interested in.
a) name, bias
b) course, liable
c) content, free
d) matter, bound

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Answer c) content, free