English Quiz for IPPB |IBPS – Set 218

1.While modernising India, the rural ________ has to be taken into ________ first.
a) folk, considered
b) area, confidence
c) population, care
d) populace, priority

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Answer c) population, care

2.The government_____down the opposition ________for a joint parliamentary committee probe.
a) boiled, proposal
b) shot, demand
c) put, leaders
d) whipped portfolio

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Answer b) shot, demand

3.How people would_____In a particular situation cannot be______with perfect accuracy.
a) think, observed
b) behave, predicted
c) react, analyzed
d) feel, resolved

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Answer b) behave, predicted

4.Drama had its earliest beginning in the corporate life of the village, the______form of settlement that took______in England.
a) reigning, area
b) predominant, place
c) ascendant, venue
d) arbitrary, reservation

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Answer b) predominant, place

5.When i started riding a bike a couple of years ago i didn’t think my_________would ever be more serious than the________short ride.
a) connection,unusual
b) involvement,occasional
c) inclusion,familiar
d) implication,typical

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Answer b) involvement,occasional

6.A person_________ the nomination is called the nominator and the person____________ it is the nominee.
a) effecting, bringing
b) executing, inheriting
c) accomplishing, drawing
d) making, receiving

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Answer d) making, receiving

7.It is said that knowledge is power. The hunger for power is __________ and therefore most difficult to __________ .
a) accumulative, subsume
b) enormous, apply
c) empowering, delegate
d) insatiable, contain

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Answer d) insatiable, contain

8.Man needs food not __________ for the body but for the soul also. The satisfaction of his physical wants does not imply his __________.
a) Merely, contentment
b) properly, superiority
c) only, spirituality
d) Necessarily, commitment

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Answer a) Merely, contentment

9.We truly______to the many hands and hearts that made this book _______
a) obliged,plausible
b) honoured,feasible
c) beholden,credible
d) grateful,possible

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Answer d) grateful,possible

10.Investors, businessmen, academicians and politicians are once again looking at lndia with __________ interest and realising that this is one huge country which simply cannot be_________.
a) renewed, overlooked
b) revived, excluded
c) improved, omitted
d) restored, left out

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Answer a) renewed, overlooked

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