English Quiz – Set Twenty Three (Synonyms)

1. Tick the meaning for Dart
a) Dash
b) Dirty
c) Recede
d) Retrospective

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Answer a) Dash

2. Tick the meaning for Orthodox
a) Fragile
b) Careless
c) Conservative
d) None of the Above

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Answer c)Conservative

3. Tick the meaning for Intrude
a) Elite
b) Intervene
c) Emerge
d) Interesting

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Answer b) Intervene

4. Tick the meaning for Elite
a) Best
b) Friendly
c) Lavish
d) Aware

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Answer a) Best

5. Tick the meaning for Melancholic
a) Thin
b) Escort
c) Sadness
d) Fearful

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Answer c) Sadness

6. Tick the meaning for Blight
a) Bright
b) A plant disease
c) Beautiful
d) Complicated

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Answer b) A plant disease

7. Tick the meaning for Nefarious
a) Naughty
b) Nasty
c) Deceiving
d) Wicked

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Answer d) Wicked

8. Tick the meaning for Vermin
a) Sweet
b) Red color
c) Luxurious
d) Insects

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Answer d) Insects

9. Tick the meaning for Reticence
a) Relevant
b) Reserve
c) Reputation
d) Wickedness

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Answer b) Reserve

10. Tick the meaning for Exultant
a) Extreme happy
b) Falsehood
c) Extreme sad
d) Pervert

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Answer a) Extreme happy