English- Common Grammar Mistakes

english grammar common mistakes are listed and explained here with examples.

In today’s era, English has become inevitable. To survive in the competitive world, one must know correct English and there is a thin line between the English and the correct English. Remember- Command over the language is very important.

Here, we have listed the ten sentences which we use in day to day life. Read them, so that you don’t make any more mistakes while speaking English. Please provide us with your views.

1. Wrong: I have visited Somnath Temple last week.

Right: I visited Somnath Temple last week.

2. Wrong: The woman which works here is from Japan.

Right: The women who work here is from Japan

3. Wrong: She is married with a dentist.

Right: She is married to a dentist.

4. Wrong: She was boring during the lecture.

Right: She was bored during the lecture.

5. Wrong: Every kid like his mother.

Right: Every kid likes his mother.

6. Wrong: Where I can find a Bank?

Right: Where can I find a Bank?

7. Wrong: I live in United States.

Right: I live in the United States.

8. Wrong: When I will arrive, I will call you.

Right: When I arrive, I will call you.

9. Wrong: I have been here since nine months.

Right:  I have been here for nine months.

10. Wrong: The Police is coming.

  Right: The Police are coming.

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