Easy trick to learn the name of people who won the Nobel Prize Twice

There are four Noble Laureates who have won the Nobel Prize Two times. What are their name? ….It does take too much time to recall. isn’t it?. But not anymore, because now you can tell it within seconds just by learning single sentence. if you like it, please comment below.

John’s madam is friend-li (friendly).

John– John Bardeen(Both the time for Physics)

  • In the year 1958 and 1972
  • for invention of the transistor
  • for coming up with the theory of Superconductivity

Madam– Madam curie(Physics and Chemistry)

  • In the year 1903 and 1911
  • for discovering Radioactivity
  • for isolating pure radium

is – Silent 

Friend-  Frederick Sanger (Both time in Chemistry)

  • In 1958 and 1980
  • for discovering the structure of the insulin molecule
  •  and inventing a method to determine base sequences in DNA.

li-  Linus Pauling (Chemistry and Peace)

  • In 1954 and 1962
  • for research into the chemical bond in terms of complex substances
  • and for anti-nuclear activism