DayTodayGK Celebrating One Year!!!

My Dear Friends,

We have completed ‘a year’ now. We have covered a long way in this short span of time. It’s like we started DayTodayGK yesterday. It’s already a year now. Even we cannot believe this!!! Time flies like anything.

Now I would like to thank some important persons who supported me during this journey.

When we started the site, it was just me (Sathyan) and Prerika. We were amature. We had nothing but one dream- Daytodaygk. At that time, we were clueless about everything. When we started, many ifs and buts popped into our mind.  But we kept those what Ifs and buts to a corner of our mind and focused more on work. But anyways, We feel glad that we did. As they say, It’s always about making your first move. We started and dogged more and more and landed up learning a lot and still going strong.  We pulled days and night together to raise this platform and the results which we have got are more than what we had thought of.

  • Two Beginners to One Talented Team. 
  • Zero Followers to 31000+ Followers. 
  • Current Affairs to Countless New Topics. 
  • A simple Website to a Perfect All in One Android App.

About D2g Team

Arun Sathyan

The man behind Daytodaygk. He is a knowledgeable and a very polite person. I met him through a very famous site. He selected me and taught me everything about blogging. We work together for a famous site but due to some unavoidable reasons we left. Then, Arun messaged me about D2g and asked me to join. I was like, what!! how  would we do it. I was so scared but he said We can and We will. His words some how gave me the courage and we started everything. In my entire life, i have never met such a brave heart person. It takes a lot of courage to start and manage such a site. But Arun you did it and I am so proud of you.

~I am glad I met a person like you. ~Prerika

Prerika Gupta

She is a star writer of DayTodayGK. A very positive person and a great motivator. That’s what helps us to run D2G successfully. She is a girl who works 24/7.Her love for writing know no boundaries. She aspires to become an author and we are waiting like crazies to read her debut novel. I must say she is blessed with writing skills. . I am 100% sure that, one day peoeple will stand in a queue to take her autographs. She runs a blog as well. You can follow her at The Indelible Nib.

My best wishes for You Pre.~ Arun 


One fine day I saw his comment on D2G. At that moment, we were looking for an expert and a knowledgeable person. We discussed about him mutually and landed up, selecting him, and thankfully he said yes. The most hilarious thing that happened was, I asked for his number and he said “I don’t use Phone. I was like WHAT!!!

I remember vividly, he said, “I will buy one only when I will be an officer”. At that very moment, I knew that he would be a banker soon. And see, he has  achieved what he had desired with his sheer dedication and sacrifices. We are like brothers who have never other but knows a lot about each other. He is a box of  revolutionary ideas, amazing Guitarist and needless to say, an expert in Banking. It is  him who named DayTodayGK as D2G, It is him who designed the logo and artist behind every image that is been uploaded on D2g.

PS: He ordered the phone the day he became an officer. Now, we talk on whatsapp. 😛

Congratulations Bro. ~Arun


In short, it’s Nivi. I call her Nive. She is the one who takes care of Reasoning, English Quiz, Articles ..etc in D2G. She is like a thunder. I have never seen such a talented person in my entire life. She never complains. I just need to say this is the work and she makes sure, it should be sone in time. Kind of girl who is ready to take any risks.

P.S.:It is possible to reach for some one in Pluto. But it is impossible to reach Nivi. 🙂 She doesn’t talk but her work does.

Thanks Nive for joining D2G. ~Arun

Vinodhan or Vino

My best friend. A proud Dad. Most of you barely know him.  A very silent man. He updates Quick Gyan everyday. He is also taking care of another major work. In your mobiles, you must be having some 300 to 400 contacts. Sometimes you must have felt tough to manage all those contacts. But he has 15,000 + Contact Numbers. Yeah. He is the one who sends Whatsapp messages to you every day. If the PDF you read looks nice and perfectly aligned, it’s only because of him. 🙂

Thank You Bro for everything.~Arun

This  is D2g. We have never seen each other or heard each other’s voice. We live in different states of  India but we all are thankful to D2g , We are connected because of this platform. We are more like a Family now. In our Family, we love, fight, share and play. But most importantly, we care for each other. Thanks for everything fellas.

There are so many people who supported us during this journey. I thank Bob, Archana, Priya, Deepika, Subha, Hari Priya, Sunaina Gupta, Sonal Jain, Ankita Singh wholeheartedly for their support.

On the completion of one year, we have mixed feelings and to be more precise, it’s a feeling of contentment.

The journey which seemed impossible at the start, has now 30000 + hopes along its path and we will soon reach our destination. As we move forward to a next year, We promise you that D2G will work day and night to remain a one and only one stop for gaining knowledge. We will make studying fun for you. We will provide you the best. We will be companion in your struggle and a medium for your dreams to turn into reality.

We have various plans in upcoming years. Please, keep showering your love and blessing on us so that we would achieve what we have in our head.

D2G wants to thank each one of you for your subtle support, endless love and for your precious time. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. We exist because you acknowledge us. D2G is nothing without you. And when we say NOTHING, we mean it.

You want to be the Part of our Team? It is little tough. You have to make sure that whether you can Follow the rules or Not.

  • Rule Number One : You must be a Crazy.
  • Rule Number Two : You should talk like a radio 24*7 (because that’s what we do most of the time)
  • Movie Buffs and GOT fans are most welcome 😉 😉 😉